Widen the Field of Vision For Intelligent Logistics

High Flexible & Quality Video-Image-Detection Extension Module

In NeurIPS 2018, Nvidia presented the new technology of building 3D rendering environment by using AI to analysis the video of the real city. And they will use the 3D rendering environment training autonomous car with Jetson edge computing system. Due to the demands of edge computing device in vehicle, Aetina provides Jetson GPGPU Solutions including Jetson AGX Xavier/ TX2i/ TX2/ TX1 platform and driver-ready VID(Video-Image-Detection) extension module. It’s perfect for intelligent logistics and autonomous car.

Minimizing latency of data transferring

latency time

There are two key points in intelligent logistics: Low Latency and High Accuracy, because any latency or mistaken inference can bring on serious traffic accident. Aetina Jetson platforms are designed for space-constrained edge computing system and supports up to 6x MIPI cameras. With the MIPI interface, video streaming is much more stable and faster. In the same time, Aetina Jetson platforms provide high-speed WiFi and LAN connector for minimizing latency.

Optimize the accuracy of Inference


We provide two kinds of driver-ready VID module, which are CSI-II and FPD-LINK III, for different purpose, and one Aetina Jetson platform supports 6x 2M or 3x 4K cameras. With six FPD-LinkIII cameras, which support up to 10 meters cable length, developers can set up a 360-degree surrounding view on the truck, then sending the omnidirectional vision back to Aetina Jetson platform for real-time inference. To optimize the accuracy of inference, we suggest using better camera for 1080p images and use the latest Aetina Jetson AGX Xavier platform for higher computing performance.

Integrating hardware & software

turn key solution

In the other hand, Aetina provides our customer the turn-key solution of intelligent logistics, we integrate our edge computing platform with different kinds of VID extension module and eco-partners’ software. Developers can quickly and flexibly set up the system with certified and driver ready MIPI camera module, providing time-to-market and lower TCO of the projects. As the result, Aetina Jetson platform and VID extension modules are suitable for all kinds of intelligent logistics applications.

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4 Steps to build Aetina VID System

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