Quick Set Up for Society 5.0 with Aetina and YUAN
Easy SDK Fully Supported on Edge AI Platform for Smart Traffic
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Taipei, Apr. 4th, 2019——Society 5.0 nowadays needs smart industries for reaching the proper standard. One of the most important sectors is smart traffic, which pushes up the transforming for the whole city. And as the vertical AI solutions are required, edge AI computing solutions provider Aetina Corporation and video capture card manufacturer YUAN, have taken care of this part with embedded AI solutions and deep learning SDK.
It is always not easy to start up an AI application; when it comes to facing the difficulties from the outdoor environment is even harder. The efficiency of detecting speedy objects and caring for the safety on the road are all challenging the procession of the smart traffic; so, the ability of recognition is critical for transportation applications.

Aetina provides industrial-grade designed embedded AI solution, which is robust enough to overcome the environmental challenge and work efficiently at the same time; its small form-factor also perfectly match the requirement for intensively deploying on the road. And for the deep learning algorithm, since data talks everything nowadays, Aetina’s AI eco-partner YUAN has launched an SDK for the starter that is fully integrated with Aetina AI edge computing platform.

This SDK could help the developers to set up their original smart traffic solution easily in a short development period, and it is flexibly compatible when using with Aetina's platform.

With this combination from Aetina and YUAN, many applications from smart traffic can be realized, such as parking lot recognition, car flow counting, and car classify. To be a part of ones that pushing up society 5.0, the vision from Aetina and YUAN in AIoT market is willing to be a collaborator that co-making improvement for all AIoT participants, so that the solution will be supported by a complete consultant team.

The live-demo and all the hardware samples will be showing in Japan IT Week Spring-ESEC 2019 during April 10-12 at booth 4-22. Visit them for more details.

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Aetina founded in Taiwan in 2012, is a long-term support provider of high-performance GPGPU and Nvidia Jetson AI edge computing solutions for embedded applications, and since we are focusing on industrial market industrial components, longevity, and one-stop service are provided. Aetina helps our customers by offering a smart, innovated, and reliable solutions of GPU that approaching their needs in the meanwhile to solve the problems.

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