Aetina Jetson TX2 4GB Edge AI Computing Platform Ready for Wider Access of AIoT
Quick AI Computing Deployment with Double the Price-Performance-Ratio of TX1
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Dec. 19th, 2019, Taipei—Through the various application in AIoT market, there are more requests from the developers. And to meet up the diverse needs, here is the new Jetson TX2 4GB edge AI computing platform with Aetina Jetson TX2 series carrier board and Nvidia Jetson TX2 4GB module, which is suitable for AI vision computing applications. This embedded AI platform lets developers run AI inference with double the price-performance-ratio of Jetson TX1. Based on the varieties of connectivity demands, Aetina provides three kinds of carrier boards, which support abundant I/O function, and driver-ready extension peripheral I/O modules.
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▲ Nvidia Jetson Module Comparison
Aetina Jetson TX2 4GB platform brings 1.3 TFLOPs of AI performance and 256 Nvidia CUDA cores, providing double compute performance and power efficiency of Jetson TX1. In the meanwhile, Jetson TX2 4GB got better price-performance-ratio than Jetson TX2, which reducing development expense on the same compute performance level. Furthermore, Aetina provides completely patch file for on-board I/O function and extension peripheral module, which enable developers to train and deploy AI vision computing projects quickly. Aetina Jetson TX2 4GB platform possesses those two benefits, great price-performance-ratio and comprehensive peripheral function, making it became the new favorite choice to build embedded edge AI computing platform.

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Aetina founded in Taiwan in 2012, as a long-term support provider of high-performance GPGPU and Jetson edge AI computing solutions for embedded applications. We are focusing on the industrial market, providing industrial components and longevity service. Besides, we also an integrator of AIoT market, help the customers by offering a smart, innovated, and reliable solutions of GPU that approaching their needs in AIoT market, also in the meanwhile to solve the problems.

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