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Factory Industrial Successful Case

Uplifted x8 Times Performance of OCR in Automated Defect Detection

The Situation

Alliance with the Industry 4.0, the computer-based manufacturing or assemble production lines presented growing demands for high efficient vision systems in automated defect detection, as we all know that defects threaten to the integrity of products or undermine performance, and can be very costly.

factory automation

The Challenge

Our partner, Visionatics Inc, who is the leading machine vision design house and innovator, professional in 3D machine vision technologies and high-speed vision inspection software. They always pursue the most leading-edge technology and knowledge in their libraries and analytic solutions. In order to developing the high accurate performance and time-shortened processing, they expect to develop a CUDA-based vision inspection equipment with the GPU-accelerated power accompanied their visual algorithm.

The Solution

Aetina provides the wide range of Embedded Jetson GPGPU platforms in standardized form factors and customized platforms which powered by NVIDIA the advanced Jetson AI modules and TK1 SoC.

By using our new edition ACE-N621 carrier board with the Jetson TX2 supercomputing hardware, we packed the Visionatics’s VIVA Vision® -AOI algorithm to provide market a well-development solution for high speed and intelligent defect detection, supporting text recognition, pattern match, character recognition, object segmentation, barcode reading and mores. This algorithm tackles the 256-core NVIDIA Pascal GPU inside Jetson TX2 to drive high-performance CUDA parallel computing. As a result, in the same implementation of same algorithm, ACE-N621 can provide at least eight times performance increased than X86 platform.

The Results

The equipment was demonstrated in “Text Recognition” and texts barcode can be recognized correctly even in very high-speed spin. It is practical and can be duplicated on product defect detection line with the same high-speed spin while recognize the defective part precisely. With superior performance powered by GPU-accelerated, Aetina's ACE-N621+TX2 became the best choice for high computational processing applications of precise manufacturing, such as AOI, OCR, 1D/2D barcode reading, 3D measurement, PCB inspection, IC packing inspection, Panel inspection and more of industrial automation applications.

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