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A Perfect Idea of Video Wall for Chain Catering in China

The Situation

Because of the development of the technology, video wall started focusing on a higher pixel and fluently steaming in recent years. Video wall needs an excellent progressing performance with low power consumption of GPU to perform well. That GPU support to drive a big amount of multi-displays, which make a flexible way for all industry to use it with clone, extended, surround mode or end up to one video wall.

video wall

The Challenge

Being one of the chain catering in China, it not only served a delicious meal to keep it on one of the tops in this industry but also its beautiful decoration of restaurant catches customer’s eyes. In an additional point, this restaurant provides various menus and usually change the meal of it.

To change their menu regularly, set up a video wall is essential to their restaurant. They expected to surround multi-displays which can cover the whole place above their meal serving line counter. Also, the displays should not only carousel their menus but also slideshow their multimedia commercial.

In the meanwhile, to own a busy chain catering, they want every display can work as stable as it can, in order not to interrupt the normal working in the restaurant.

The Solution

To decorate their restaurant properly, they eventually need two sets of 3x1 monitor, each one can show different menu and place above the ordering counter, and one set of 3x1 surround monitor for playing their commercial films (Show as the diagram beside). Based on Aetina's experience, we suggested them using our M12-P107 solution, which provides high performance on video decoding with maximum 12 displays and set up a control panel by the extra monitor. This system allows them to manage the menu or commercial by their own easily and efficiently.

Moreover, a nice performance of running the multimedia source, M12-P107 perfectly meet up their expectation of works high pixel video. The last but not the least, we can adjust the layout to fit every decoration in a different branch, which helps them to enrich what they show for the customers.

The Results

Our product M12-P107 well met up this chain catering's requirements. After the system was set up, they found out it's not only easier for customers to read the menu, also very convenient for them to manage the monitors. Besides, our solution features its progressing performance, brings the users a great user experience.Thanks to Aetina's technical support, the solution provides high flexibility of screens exchanging and convenient to content renewing. Moreover, it even saves the cost of setting an external video-wall player.

Our solution helps to bring a creative and eye-catching multimedia experience, which enhanced the commercial benefits of restaurant branding. On the other hand, it is so easy to manage operating, decreasing the total spends from marketing and human resource. Now, this chain catering in China stands firm his status well, and we are glad that our multi-display GPU solution being part of it.

Benefits to Customer

  1. ◆ Easy for the owner to manage the video broadcast.
  2. ◆ Fit to the environment of the restaurant flexibly.
  3. ◆ Save money for buying converter hardware since an excellent progressing performance.
  4. ◆ Strengthen the public image of the restaurant.
  5. ◆ Bring a brilliant visual experience with the multimedia application.
  6. ◆ Strong MDS reduces time and money from maintaining.

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