通用 PCI-E 显卡
A775C-JQF12_ss A775C-JQF12_front A775C-JQF12_output
A775C-JQF12_ss A775C-JQF12_front A775C-JQF12_output


AMD Multi-Display Graphics Card 12x Displays for Large Commercial or 3D Graphics Displaying Video Wall

Single GPU drives up to 12 multi-monitors
Built for large commercial or 3D graphics displaying video wall
High flexible displays configuration supporting 4x,6x,8x,10x,12x displays
Support EDID caching intelligently optimize displaying quality and reliability
Single-slot, single-graphics board, ease of deployment and maintenance
Aetina A775C-JQF12 is designed to drive up to 12 displays from a single-slot graphics board leveraged single AMD high performance GPU Radeon HD7750 and high speed 2GB GDDR5 on board memory. It is built to deliver reliability, stability and flexibility to meet commercial and industrial large video wall requirements based on its excellent multi-monitor capabilities and outstanding graphics performance, empowering superb display configuration no matter in clone, extend and Eyefinity modes. 

A775C-JQF12 features also hardware EDID catching inside, preventing display default configuration reset while monitor malfunction or disconnection, optimize displaying stability and quality. 
Moreover, abandoning the external HUB converters or splitters, help system builders saving total cost and ease to deploy up to 12x DVI or HDMI displays for large multi-monitor applications or 4K display walls.
● Powered by AMD Radeon HD7750 GPU brings incredible 3D performance.
● Utility 2GB GDDR5 large capacity memory, bring smooth video playback and high graphics performance.
● Drive up to 12 displays via 3x VHDCI outputs with resolution up to 1080p per port.
● Support large screen at a maximum graphics resolution of 11520x2160 (12K) with HDMI resolution (cable is required).
● Compatible with DVI and HDMI displays (cable is required).
● Single-slot fan and full height form factor.
● Support EDID catching intelligently optimize displaying quality and stability.
● Support optional Digital Signage Management Software for bundling, allow video wall content management be easy to use and maintain.
● Support AMD Eyefinity multi-display technology (4 displays supported), OpenCL 1.2, DirectCompute 11, DirectX® 11.1 , OpenGL® 4.2, Shader 5.0.
Model Number A775C-JQF12
Bus Type PCIe 3.0 x16
Graphics Processing Unit Radeon HD7750
Graphics Clock (Base/Boost) 800 MHz
Single-Precision Floating Point 819.2 GFLOPS
Memory Size 2GB GDDR5
Memory Clock 2250 MHz
Memory Interface Width 128-bit
Memory Bandwidth 72 GB/sec
DirectX 11.1
OpenGL 4.2
OpenCL 1.2
Operation System Windows Server 2008/2012 R2 64bit
Windows ES 7 32/64bit
Windows 7
Windows 8.1
Max. Displays per Board 12
Max. Digital Display 11520x2160 (Eyefinity 3x2 configuration)
Max. Analog Display N/A
Outputs 12x Single Link DVI
Max. Board Power Consumption 70 W
Min. System Power Requirement 300 W
Thermal Active Fan
Slot Occupied Single-slot
Form Factor ATX
Dimensions 194.05x111 mm
Operating Temperature 0 ℃ ~ 55 ℃