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AX710_top AX710_back AX710_side AX710_IO


10G Lan Supported Carrier Board for Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier

Designed specifically for high resolution image transmission applications in VID edge devices
Support up to 3x 4K cameras
Fully support M.2 device for peripheral integration
Support wide temperature -25°C to 80°C
Suitable for robotics, industrial automation, warehouse logistics, inspection, healthcare and retail

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AX710 is a multiple-function supported carrier board, compliant to Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier, which is the world’s leading platform for high-performance and energy-efficient AI computing. With extension 10G LAN card and 4K camera, this edge computing platform can capture high-resolution image and transmit the inference results to server or cloud through high speed ethernet. These two benefits not only increase the inference accuracy and precision but also reduce the latency time between edge and cloud.

AX710 fully supports M.2 device, developers can easily integrate the peripherals for any kinds of applications. Through our offered driver-ready MIPI camera modules and certified peripheral I/O modules, that assist developers expand their systems’ I/O connectivity and VID(Video-Image-Detection) deployment flexibly and quickly.

AX710 is designed in small-form factor and support wide temperature range from -25°C to 80°C to meet harsh industrial environments and space-constrained systems. Integrated with Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier to deliver over 11 TFLOPS computing performance and bring out high quality real-time analytics on edge devices. This AI platform helps you to develop high resolution demand VID applications in robotics, industrial automation, warehouse logistics, inspection, healthcare, retail and intelligent systems at the edge.

Additionally, backed by Aetina iNAVI Customized Operating System, which a tailor-made Linux to back up system recovery and security, allow exceptional optimizations and enhancements to the clients' end products.

● Taking advantage of over 11 TFLOPs computational performance from Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier supercomputing modules for unmatched GPGPU solutions
● 60 pins extension slot for PCIe x8, which supports M.2/ 10G LAN card/ mPCIe
AX710 is designed with 60 pins extension slot for PCIe x8. Through I/O extension slot, developers can quickly and flexibly build systems’ I/O connectivity and communication without any time wasting and focus on software or algorithm developing.
● Through Customized Operating System, iNAVI, optimizes system reliability and security
Backed by Aetina iNVAI Customized Operating System, developers can build their own Ubuntu operating system including mechanism such as one-key for system recovery from kernel or system, and tailor-made security control for hardware pairing at booting, in order to protect against unauthorized devices and components to avoid incidents that can happen.
● Robust industrial-grade design with extended temperature support
AX710 was designed in compact and small form factor (112mm x 107mm) with industrial-grade components used, ensures its high-quality data transferring even at wide temperature ranging from -25°C to 80°C. This make it ideally suitable for space-constrained embedded applications in harsh environments.
Model Number AX710
Bus Type Support Nvidia AGX Xavier Module
Others Support M.2 / 10G LAN card / mPCIe
Power Type 9V ~20V DC
Dimensions 112mm x 107mm
Operating Temperature -25 ℃ ~ 80 ℃
Storage Temperatur -40 ℃ ~ 125 ℃
Operating Humidity 10~90%
Other I/O 2x HDMI Type A
3x RJ-45 for GbE(1x Onboard, 2x Extension adapter)
2x USB3.0 Type A
1x USB2.0 Type C
1x USB2.0 Micro AB
1x M.2 M Key
1x M.2 E Key
1x Front Panel
1x RS-232 / 2x UART / 1x I2C / 5x GPIO
1x DC-in 9V~20V
4x I-PEX Connector (Each one for 4 Lanes)
1x Extension slot (60pins)
AX710 dimension
Model Number Description
AX710-STD-AN00 AX710 Carrier Board, Standard temp. -40 ℃ to +85 ℃
AX710-XAV-FN02 AX710+Xavier Module+FAN+Cable Kit+Power Adapter & US Power Cord, -25°C to +80°C
AX710-XAV-FN03 AX710+Xavier Module+FAN+Cable Kit+Power Adapter & EU Power Cord, -25°C to +80°C


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Aetina_Xavier_Platform_with_Open_Pose_en 571.46 KB - - AX710-XAV 2019-11-07 View
Aetina_Carrier_AX710_datasheet_v01.0 705.48 KB v01.0 - AX710 2019-09-23 View
Jetson Edge AI Computing Flyer EN 8.60 MB - - - 2020-03-24 View

Driver & Software

File Name Size Version OS Model Name Update Date Download
R32_2_1_Xavier_AX710_Camera_IMX334_0.tar.gz  NEW!!! 20.00 KB R32.2.1 Ubuntu
AX710-XAV 2020-01-17 View