Rugged GPGPU Board
XAN745M-JDA_ss XAN745M-JDA_front
XAN745M-JDA_ss XAN745M-JDA_front


Nvidia Rugged & High Performance XMC GPU Board with Sophisticated GPGPU Capability

Powered by Nvidia GeForce GT 745M
High level CUDA capabilities
XMC form factor with Air-cooled fit for CPCI, VPX, VME rugged platforms
Capable to PCI Express 3.0 x8
Full-HD 1920x1200 resolution support
Up to 4 independent displays through VHDCI
Alternative I/O option from P16
Low power consumption
Longevity product supply
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The Aetina XAN745M-JDA is rugged CUDA-enabled GPU board in XMC module integrates the 384-core Nvidia GeForce GT 745M GPU, utilizing Nvidia “Kepler” architecture, yielding the unprecedented levels of graphics processing performance, high resolution and high quality-image capabilities for mission critical applications, such like avionics、UAV、 radar and ground vehicles. Support maximum 4 independent displays through VHDCI from front end, and P16 connector that formulated, which provides alternative output channels for customer to choose, perfectly give high flexibility of I/O deployment and multiple displays requirements. In addition, its 2048MB of GDDR5 memory, ensuring high capacity and high-bandwidth access to data.
● Support CUDA for GPGPU.
Aetina XAN745M-JDA is based on Nvidia GT 745M GPU, offers the high level graphical and GPGPU for the rugged marketplace.
● Rugged XMC form factor.
Compliant with VITA 42.3 standard and the PCI Express 3.0. Aetina XAN745M-JDA is the leading edge XMC form factor graphics and GPU computing board, with rugged connection and high-speed data communication to the host board which in VME,VPX or CompactPCI platforms. Be able to automatically detect and train the speed to x1/x4/x8 bandwidth.
● Support up to 4 outputs via VHDCI from front or through P16 connector from rear side
Aetina XAN745M-JDA is high multifunction I/O board, capable to provide up to 4 independent displays through VHDCI front panel connector, yielding modern 2D/3D graphics performance for Full HD multimedia content. Meanwhile with P16 connector formulated, providing customer to choose alternative 4 SL DVI and 1 VGA outputs from rear side, giving high flexibility of I/O deployment, meet perfectly multi-displays requirements in various embedded applications.
● Product longevity supply.
We understand embedded system designers are always looking for a solution with long-term product life cycles.
Aetina provides the longevity product supply service to sustain reliability and long product lifetime, on the other hand, saving system builders the total cost and time for modification processing.
● Rugged air-cooled specifically fit for embedded systems criteria, ideal for VME, CPCI, ATCA platforms.
● Support Direct Compute, DirectX 11.1, OpenGL 4.4, OpenCL 1.2, Nvidia CUDA, Optimus, PhysX-ready, H.264 video encoding, PureVideo Technology.
Model Number XAN745M-JDA
Bus Type XMC
GPU Architecture NVIDIA Kepler™
Graphics Processing Unit GeForce GT 745M
Nvidia CUDA Cores 384
Graphics Clock (Base/Boost) 548
Single-Precision Floating Point 420.86
Memory Size 2GB GDDR5
Memory Clock 2000
Memory Interface Width 128-bit
Memory Bandwidth 64
DirectX 11.1
OpenGL 4.4
OpenCL 1.2
CUDA Compute Capability support
Support Technology Optimus
Direct Compute
Operation System Windows® 7
Windows® 8.1
Max. Displays per Board 4
Max. Digital Display 1920x1200
Max. Analog Display 2048x1536
Outputs 4 SL DVI via VHDCI (front panel)
XMC P16 I/O connector (VGA and 4 SL DVI)-optional
Max. Board Power Consumption 23 W
Thermal Air-cooled
Form Factor XMC
Dimensions 149x74
Operating Temperature 0 ℃ ~ 55 ℃
Operating Humidity 20~90% , no condensation
Model Number Description
XAN745M-JDA XMC, Nvidia GeForce GT 745M, 2GB GDDR5
VHDCI Front Panel, Air-Cooled with XMC P16 I/O connector
( VGA and 4 Single Link DVI ), 0 ℃ ~ +55 ℃
XAN745M-JFA XMC, Nvidia GeForce GT 745M, 2GB GDDR5
VHDCI Front Panel, Air-Cooled, no XMC P16 I/O connector
( 4 Single Link DVI ) , 0 ℃ ~ +55 ℃