Edge AI Computing Platform

Fundamental to Step into AIoT Industrial - Edge AI Computing

Since the shift towards AIoT is inevitable, developers are looking for the way to decrease the loading of the cloud. As the result, edge computing becomes the keyword for industrial transformation, eliminates the need to transfer data to the cloud, where latencies and potentially significant costs can be introduced.

To fulfill the demands from different kinds of industries, Aetina provides edge AI computing platform customization service. In the same time, we collaborate with our ecosystem partner to integrate the software and extension peripheral hardware module. Making edge AI computing platform much easier to build and saving the resources to focus on embedded AI system optimization.

Platform Advantages

Platform Building Assistance Software & Peripheral Integration Customization
Platform Building Assistance Software & Peripheral Integration Customization
Supported setting up the edge AI computing platform in just a few simple steps Collaborating with our ecosystem partner to integrate the software and peripheral Edge AI computing platform customization for all kinds of industries

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AN310 is the Multi MIPI CSI camera module supported carrier board. With flexibly configures up to 12x lanes of CSI connector through CSI-II or FPD-LINK III extension module, you can deploy with 6x 2-lanes 2M cameras or 3x 4-lanes 4K cameras.

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Ecosystem Partner

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