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AI Fog Management Platform

Power to Secure, AI and Machine Learning Infrastructure

The 5G networking is promising for IoT, and it represents more than just a new era of higher speed wireless advancement. It derives more than trillions of sensors, devices, and machines leveraging AI and running connected data autonomously from the data center to the edge. Both Fog Computing and Edge Computing are the two ideal technologies, pushing analyzed data and intelligence with low latency and making data-driven decisions faster.

Fog Computing is to do much distributed computing where numerous “edge device” connected and co-located. The fog computing nodes reside at the edge of the network, emphasizing the scalable, securing edge managing, data collecting, monitoring, analytics, and streaming. In contrast to Edge Computing, it is a significantly larger capacity to connect various devices, not only aggregate data from vast devices but also through an exceptional computing ability to process real-time requests. Thus , the latency between input and response is highly minimized.

Aetina provides SuperEdge, MegaEdge, and DeviceEdge product series to support enterprise deployment. The product portfolio starts from the power-efficient NVIDIA Jetson-based platform and scales up to the NVIDIA T4, A100 Tensor Core GPU-inside inference computing platforms that leverages automatic mixed precision to deliver up to 40X faster deep learning and AI inference. All to provide a comprehensive hardware solution with different operation performance for various smart application scenarios and computing requirements.

Aetina has also created a cross-architecture AIM management software package, allowing IT managers to simultaneously manage multiple computing nodes, enabling innovative and advanced remote monitoring, deployment, management, and simplified procedures for edge AI deployment and development services.


The most powerful GPU-accelerated Inference Platforms for AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning


The high price-performance competitive AI computing platforms for small or medium businesses


Edge AI computing platforms for space-constrained and ultra-low power operations