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Mask Detection

Mask Detection

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Coronavirus attack people in countries around the world and disrupt our daily life. Washing hands, keep social distancing and wearing face mask are increasingly important as identified as most accessible and self-defense manners.

Aetina collaborates with eco-partner SmartCow to provide an AI, ML/DL based smart medical assistance solution that included Aetina embedded Edge AI Computing Platform, AN110-XNX, and with SmartCow GDPR-compliant multimodal AI algorithm, Edgar. Including face-mask recognition, there is maximum six types of AI models supported and in small-form-factor design, meeting up less power consumption and real-time image sensing for various critical situations, such as in pandemic-environment.

Taking advantage of the advanced computing performance of NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX SoM, the smart medical assistance solution consists of Aetina AN110-XNX, well-made for intelligent video analytics and neural network processing AI models. Developers could simplify development and deployment procedure with its functional system I/O, such as I2S that brings audio out and two FPC connectors option for 1x 4K or 2x FHD MIPI cameras. Combined with Edgar’s one or few pre-trained AI models, including social distance estimation, masks detection, gloves detection, medical apron detection, medical full-body suit detection, and safe sneeze action classification, this well suit of medical-assistant AI solution fulfills to build edge devices for risk anomalies detection quickly and flexibly.

Key Features

flexible deployment multi-functional user anonymously
Flexible Deployment Multi-Functional User Anonymously
Small, compact and easy to install Multimodal AI applications Compliant to GDPR and anonymity

How the Solution Work

mask detection

Build the Solution

Jetson-based platform : AN110-XNX
Jetson-based platform : AN110-XNX • Powered with NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX System-on-Module
• Driven 14 TOPS at just 10 Watts
• On-board 2x FPC connector support for 2M or 4K camera modules flexibly
Hardware Peripherals   Software & Algorithm
Edge Computing Module Module : NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX   LIPS Facial Recognition Algorithm : SmartCow Face Mask Detection
3D camera VID Module : APPRO.PHO MIPI Camera Module   software Software : SmartCow EDGAR AI Software
      monitor Edge Database

Connectivity through AN110-XNX
AN110-XNX for mask detection

Solution Customization

Recommended Ecosystem Partner

Software & Algorithm

SmarCow EDGAR Algorithm

• Detection : face mask /social distancing/surgical gloves/apron/full-body suit /safe sneeze action classification
• Built upon DeepStream, TensorRT, NVIDIA Docker, can be easily deployed into edge device
Hardware Peripherals

APPRO.PHO MIPI Camera Module

• Versatile SONY sensor MIPI cameras including IMX290, IMX334 and IMX179
• Support 2M (1920x1080) and 4K (3840x2160) resolution @30 fps /60 fps