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Vehicle Detection

Vehicle Detection

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Aetina collaborates with eco-partner YUAN and Innodisk to integrate Aetina Embedded Edge AI Computing Platform, AX710-XAV, with YUAN’s deep learning SDK and Innodisk’s iCAP, fulfilling the remoted management and providing quick embedded AI system setting for smart traffic applications.

Consists of NVIDIA Jetson-based platform with YUAN’s capture card and SDK, this high-performance embedded AI solution is ideal for those space-constrained smart traffic projects, such as traffic flow calculation, vehicle recognition, parking slot management and traffic law enforcement. In the same time, Innodisk’s iCAP allows smart traffic system to send the hardware states back to the central control center, making the manager easily monitor and control the devices with the real-time information.

For customizing demands, this SDK includes a labeling software, which provides the deep learning training tool to fulfill all kinds of AI projects. Developers can define their own VID rules, then plug them into embedded platform as the starter kit to quickly and flexibly build the edge AI computing system.

Key Features

flexible deployment labeling software remote management
Flexible Deployment Labeling Software Remote Management
User-friendly and easy to install Training AI deep learning model Remote control and monitor

How the Solution Work

vehicle detection

Build the Solution

Aetina Jetson Carrier Board : AX710
Aetina Jetson Carrier AX710 • Support up to 6x 2M or 4x 4K cameras
• Fully support M.2 device and USB type C for peripheral integration
• Support wide temperature -40°C to 85°C
Hardware Peripherals   Software & Algorithm
Edge Computing Module Module : NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier   LIPS Facial Recognition Algorithm : YUAN QDEEP SDK
3D camera VID Module : Hi Sharp IP camera   software Software : Innodisk iCAP
capture card YUAN Capture Cards   monitor Edge Database

Connectivity through AX710
AX710 for vehicle detection

Solution Customization

Recommended Ecosystem Partner

Software & Algorithm

Innodisk iCAP

• The device grouping function makes management easy, intuitive and convenient
• The remote recovery function can quickly revert to a default working status


• Timely data output of detected items, quantity and percentage of resemblance
• Result of comparison is unaffected by environmental factors including day/night, weather, light
Hardware Peripherals

YUAN Video Capture Card

• Various Interface from SD to 4K, Hardware Compression or Raw Data
• 1920×1080p@60/50fps in → 1920×1080p@60/50fps out


• 2MP ( 1920 × 1080 ) / 10 ~ 20 M IR night view distance
• Support ROI coding, smart phone, iPad, remote monitoring