Frontier Exploration: Aetina Ecosystem Launch Solar UGV Idea
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Taipei, Aug. 22nd, 2019/—To a booming unmanned machine market, drone and UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) have been widely using in a various vertical market, especially as the solution to somewhere people arduous to reach, such as the critical border side and ocean sector. Also, these unmanned vehicles get much smarter than before and make more possibility to explore the world. To approach a good starting point toward such a frontier area solution is the use of edge AI computing platform that’s based on the functional UGV. GPGPU and edge AI computing platform provider, Aetina Corporation and the third-party partner have tried to design the mobile solar UGV that powered by solar energy, can detect the ecosphere, security, and emergency automated.
Once get into the frontier environment, the UGV needs the power of deep learning algorithm to understand and react to the surroundings. Different sensors are required to the vehicle as well, for environmental index detection and analysis. For real-time urgent situation observation and machine stealing prevention, surroundings cameras and accurately positioning are also requested for building the vehicle. Last but not least, to ensure the fluency of communication and transmission, and 5G environment is considerable for choice.

Therefore, one of the possible applications of the solar UGV from Aetina and our third-party partner, is consist of Aetina Jetson edge AI computing platform powered by Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier and partner's vehicle tracking system. The idea of smart frontier solar UGV is based on a vehicle robot. The robot concentrates various hardware module that basically attached solar panels with LED lighting system, surrounding cameras, several sensors, and GPS tracker on Aetina Jetson edge AI computing platform.

The platform made with Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier module, its high-performance and low power consumption provides the real-time detection of the messy environment. Aetina's carrier board AX710 can connect these pieces of equipment such as thermal sensor, infrared sensor, and the metal detector; which quick review the environmental index for the backstage to use. Also, the platform can analysis the insolation information collected by the optical sensor through real-time edge AI computing. With this result, the solar panels can adjust the facing orientation by the best solar zenith angle calculated by edge computing and save the solar energy for the night illumination.

Moreover, Aetina edge AI computing platform also attach partner's GPS tracker and 6x FHD 360-degree cameras, which cooperate well with Innodisk Corp. remote monitoring system, iCAP, at the cloud. The GPS tracker has the function of Geofence on the module, it can customize the activity ambit and will alarm to the owner when it is positioning left the specific area. The information of position and investigating images will give to the cloud system, helping from not only security but also exploring more from unknown, at the same time being convenient for people to maintain the vehicles.

The unmanned vehicle makes people’s lives changed and improved by keeping exploring more possibility in the universe, the solar UGV conquer the frontier condition by industrial-grade brain components provided by Aetina; also, the power edge AI computing ability, for the surrounding reaction. To reach more detail to the forceful Aetina Jetson edge AI platform by Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier, visit Aetina Corporation website: or come in person to DSEI 2019. We will show up in Exhibition Centre London UK (EXCEL) on Sept. 10 to Sept. 13 at booth S4-205.

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