Tupl and Aetina Partner Globally to Advance AI Vision at the Edge


Aetina, a leading provider of Edge AI solutions, and Tupl, a leading innovator in AI-powered operations automation, have today announced a global technological partnership to accelerate the adoption of AI vision solutions at the edge in factories worldwide. This strategic collaboration promises to extend beyond manufacturing, with the potential to impact on a wide range of industries.

The partnership combines Aetina’s cutting-edge NVIDIA Jetson Orin module with Tupl’s robust AI Engine, TuplOS, which specializes in AI-driven automation, to form a new technological ecosystem. This ecosystem is designed to tackle traditional challenges in manufacturing such as reliance on manual labor, inconsistencies in production, and costly implementations of manufacturing lines across the globe.

This collaboration offers a user-friendly, readily configurable, and scalable solution for Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) performed at the edge, enhancing operational efficiency and productivity for any customer. This partnership, which enables the deployment of Aetina’s embedded devices powered by the high-performing NVIDIA Jetson Orin modules integrated with Tupl’s AI-QA automated inspection solution, brings several benefits:

  • Automated Part Inspection through Edge AI: AI performs inspections at the edge, reducing human error and improving efficiency.

  • Easy-to-Maintain and Quick-to-Deploy System: Personnel can leverage AI technologies without extensive training.

  • Real-Time AI Monitoring to gain insights for better decision-making and process optimization.

“We are very happy to announce this partnership, which brings two innovative companies together to deliver end-to-end, AI powered solutions at the edge”, explains Pablo Tapia, Chief Technology Officer at Tupl. “We have been leveraging Aetina’s Jetson devices in our AI Vision projects in several factories, and we are extremely happy with their performance. We are also very grateful for the great support provided by Aetina engineers, working head-to-head with us to help overcome technical challenges”.

This strategic alliance strengthens both companies. “The union of Tupl’s AI-driven automation software and Aetina’s high-performing NVIDIA Jetson Orin-powered devices enables the implementation of more robust Edge AI vision solutions for factories worldwide”, states Kuankuan Cao, Regional Business United Head – EMEA at Aetina. “Beyond manufacturing, this collaboration has the potential to innovate verticals like agriculture and farming, where AI-powered inspection solutions could revolutionize processes.”.

Together, Aetina and Tupl are dedicated to pioneering new solutions and exploring further applications of their Edge AI-driven technology in automated industrial inspection. This collaboration not only aims to refine existing systems but also to discover new ways to integrate Edge AI technology for enhanced productivity and efficiency across various operational landscapes.