• Edge to Cloud AI, Superpowered by 5G

    Edge-based AI and 5G are two technologies in the spotlight. If we can combine their use, we can realize great gains. While Edge computing gains the benefits of low-latency, independence, and security, 5G can potentially keep these features intact while introducing Cloud computing. The high performance and GPU versatility of the NVIDIA Jetson series platform enables cloud-native computing for AI applications, from Cloud training and Edge inferencing, to speeding up the application process.

  • Powering AIoT with Innodisk Group| Webinar

    If you’re interested in discovering Innodisk Group’s solutions for the Medical & 5G networking industries, make sure to tune in to Innodisk’s upcoming webinar, co-hosted with EE Times, on Thursday, October 22. In this webinar, you will learn how Innodisk solutions can help companies in different industries to increase productivity and lower costs. Register for our free webinar right now!

  • Green IoT: Smart Solutions for an Efficient Future | Webinar

    Smart solutions powered by AI and the IoT are adding potential values for Green IoT, benefiting more efficient production, stronger environmental protection, and enable exciting and innovative solutions that make the world a better place to live.

  • Enabling AI+IoT Innovations | AIoT Summit

    The one-day AIoT Summit will feature expert commentary from Innodisk, Aetina and its partners on the emergence of AIoT and its many applications in industries like manufacturing, public facilities, transportation, robotics, agriculture and healthcare, among others.