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  • Vote for Aetina’s Innovative Products in the Electronics Industry Awards 2024!

    We are excited to announce that Aetina Corporation has been nominated for the prestigious Electronics Industry Awards 2024! These awards celebrate excellence and innovation within the electronics sector, recognizing companies and products that drive progress and set new standards in the industry.

  • NEW NVIDIA JetPack 6.0 Production Release
    Adaption at Aetina the Latest Edge Devices

    Discover the step-up of AI with Aetina’s edge systems. The latest NVIDIA JetPack 6.0, released by NVIDIA, brings an updated kernel and Ubuntu root file system, along with novel features than ever.

  • Revolutionizing Timber Measurement: AI-Driven Advancements

    To unlock the power of AI and achieve the desired accuracy and efficiency in a compact solution, Dralle partnered with Aetina.

  • Revolutionizing Embedded Machine Vision: New Modular Embedded Ecosystem by STEMMER IMAGING and Aetina

    Demand for efficient, embedded machine vision is surging across industries. However, complex integration, limited hardware/software choices, and slow development cycles create hurdles for developers.

  • Supercharging Inference Power at the Edge

    Supercharging Inference Power at the Edge Say goodbye to computers that falter under the weight of high-speed Artificial Intelligence inferencing challenges. Combination of CPU computing power and GPU graphics acceleration tackle the bottleneck and provides the fastest and most accurate results for image processing, data interpretation, AI acceleration, improving productivity and efficiency.

  • A New Era for Automatic Defect Recognition: embedded edge AI’s revolution

    Aetina’s products and support has made it possible to implement cutting-edge AI solutions for the non-destructive testing industry. — Oskar Siljama, Senior AI Engineer at Trueflaw

  • Elevate Play with Unrivaled XeSS AI Acceleration: IA380E-QUFL

    Smaller yet greater strengths. Aetina's IA380E-QUFL enhances your gaming business with the ultra-efficient Intel Arc A380E GPU. It delivers high-performance graphics, seamless streaming, and AI-accelerated machine learning using the cutting-edge Intel Xe HPG microarchitecture. This paves a new way to lifelike gaming creation, advanced multimedia processing, and AI inferencing like never before.

  • NVIDIA Certified System for Edge AI Training Workstation

    MegaEdge AIP-FR68 provides superior AI performance that enables powerful AI training at the edge without a server. Certified for NVIDIA NCS (NVIDIA Certified System), the AIP-FR68 supports Data Center GPUs, which integrated the power of Intel 13th Gen Core processors, NVIDIA Data Center PCIe AI cards, and RTX 6000 Ada GPUs.