• The Core of AI-enabled AGV

    Aetina's highest level of AI-performance computing platform, AX720-X32, is powered by the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier AI module. Equipped with a wide range of ports and supporting a multitude of interfaces, AX720-X32 combines great autonomous scalability, compliance with AI, 5G, and IoT, ideally for the manufacturing, logistics, and medical-relevant industries, etc.

  • Edge AI Succeed Machine Vision Development in AIoT

    Post-COVID19, manufacturers are realizing the importance of automation in manufacturing, so does the other industries, such as healthcare, retail, etc. Specifically, ongoing lockdown, business confronted how to effectively utilize the workforce during the pandemic and provide contactless services in retail.

  • Fully Support M.2 Device and 4G/5G Communication Ability

    AN810-XNX is the world's leading platform for high-performance and energy-efficient AI computing, based on NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX. This edge computing platform fully supports M.2 device with extension slot, that assist developers expand their systems communication ability, I/O connectivity flexibly and quickly.

  • Provide workstation-level computing performance for embedded system

    Aetina presents three MXM modules features advanced NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards with powerful Turing architecture technology, bringing amazing visual computing performance and power-efficiency into every embedded system.

  • Aetina cooperated with SmartCow in epidemic prevention

    Edgar combined with Aetina’s Jetson-based platform, AN110-NAO has functional I/O ports on the carrier could send to audio out(I2S) to warm the incorrect detect immediately, and it supports 1x 4K camera or 2x FHD cameras, which ensure the accuracy of image capture.

  • Small as NANO, Powerful as Xavier

    At 87.4 mm x 67.4 mm, AN110-XNX brings NVIDIA Xavier's advantage of high-performance AI computing into the small form factor platform, same size as Jetson Nano. This edge computing platform combines outstanding performance and power advantage with extension camera slots, supported single 4K or FHD MIPI camera module.

  • Empower the Energies to Edge AIoT Ecosystem

    Aetina persist in related product development, collaborate with vertical SI (system integration) companies, also enthusiastically signing MOUs (memorandum of understanding) with edge ecosystem partners.

  • Aetina Jetson AI Platform x Innodisk InnoAGE™ SSD

    The world's first solution that combines Out-of-Band Management and edge AI computing devices, using Aetina Jetson edge computing platform equipped with Innodisk InnoAGE™ solid-state hard drives to achieve the goal of remote out-of-band management.