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  • NVIDIA Certified System for Edge AI Training Workstation

    MegaEdge AIP-FR68 provides superior AI performance that enables powerful AI training at the edge without a server. Certified for NVIDIA NCS (NVIDIA Certified System), the AIP-FR68 supports Data Center GPUs, which integrated the power of Intel 13th Gen Core processors, NVIDIA Data Center PCIe AI cards, and RTX 6000 Ada GPUs.

  • Multiple Sensors, Versatile Expansion: Ready for Vision Systems and Autonomous Machines

    Check out Aetina’s latest innovation series powered by NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX and Orin Nano modules. The fanless and versatile expansion edge AI systems, the AIE-PN33/43-4PSE, AIE-PN33/43-6USB, and AIE-PN33/43-3M – a fully functional AI inference device solution incorporates versatile interfaces to support multiple cameras and flexible expansion capabilities.

  • Redefining AI Acceleration: The brand new Aetina MXM Ada Series powered by NVIDIA RTX Ada Generation Embedded GPUs

    Experience AI acceleration in graphics, computing, neural network, and AI technology to a wide variety of applications such as 3D graphics, image processing, classification, amplification, inspection, and more. Aetina MXM Ada series MX2000A-VP, MX3500A-SP, MX5000A-WP are ready to give you the performance to crank up the new height.

  • Success Story : The Innovative Portable Ultrasonic Testing Device

    Non-destructive Evaluation (NDE) is commonly adopted to examine the condition of structural components, finding damage or cracks before they become problematic. A collaborative breakthrough by TrueFlaw & Aetina has made it possible to facilitate cutting-edge AI solutions for the non-destructive testing industry, such as steel structure building, bridges, tracks, pressure vessels, petrochemical pipelines, and equipment.

  • Compact yet Powerful: Jetson Orin Fanless Systems

    In the realm of AI processing, Aetina is thrilled to present the AIE-CO21/31 and AIE-CN31/41, fanless systems powered by cutting-edge NVIDIA Jetson OrinTM NX or Orin NanoTM modules. With significant boosts in performance, these fanless systems deliver up to 100 TOPS, a monumental leap forward in the smallest Jetson form factor.

  • The Future of Industrial-Grade Edge AI-Transforming Industries with Energy-Efficient Jetson Orin

    Aetina’s edge AI platforms and systems are now in mass production! Powered by NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin™, Orin™ NX, or Orin Nano™ module, these portfolios deliver significantly more power than earlier generation NVIDIA Jetson modules.

  • Leveraging AI & Computer Vision to Reduce Empty Miles

    To address this issue, Aetina has collaborated with iSSA Technology to introduce a computer vision solution—AI-powered 3D ToF smart camera solution. This solution aims to assist truck fleets in obtaining accurate shipping container loading data through real-time video analytics, helping them develop effective plans for improving their shipping and logistics systems to reduce empty miles.

  • Powering the future of autonomous machines with Jetson Orin Family

    The race to AI is heating up, and businesses are under pressure to deliver increasingly intelligent offerings to meet the demands of their customers and partners. However, navigating the complex and risky landscape of AI can be daunting for decision-makers.