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  • Supercharge Next-Gen Edge AI applications with NVIDIA Jetson series

    Aetina offers a wide range of edge AI computing platform and system products based on NVIDIA® Jetson™ family modules, which brings accelerated AI performance to the Edge.

  • Aetina MegaEdge - AI Inference Platform

    Aetina MegaEdge is a series of expandable AI inference platforms, flexibly be integrated into a wide range of AI-related systems to run AI inference tasks.

  • NVIDIA Ampere Architecture Embedded MXM

    Aetina’s new embedded MXM GPU modules, including M3A1000-PP, M3A2000-VY, and M3A4500-WP, are built on NVIDIA® Ampere architecture, which enabling excellent computing power for new AI application development at the edge.

  • Best Choice for Accelerating Implementation of Edge AI Solutions

    Edge computing combined with cameras and sensors enables image recognition operations to perform intensifying innovative and intelligent applications better efficiently.

  • NVIDIA-Certified Systems (NCS) :Optimally Run Accelerated Workloads at the Edge

    Aetina SuperEdge AIS-D422-A1, an advanced AI training platform, integrated NVIDIA A2 Tensor Core GPU, passing NVIDIA-Certified Systems (NCS) 2.5. The certification successfully completed a rigorous suite of functional and performance tests that validate excellent configuration for manageability, security, scalability, reliability, and functionality.

  • Highly Reliable Wireless Edge Computing Solution

    In the AIoT era, with the increasing number of edge AI computing devices deployed, the demand for stable network is increasing. Compared with wireless network, wired network lacks mobility, and needs complex installation and rising maintenance costs in the long term.

  • New Edge AI Solution: AI Visual Inspection & Air Quality Monitoring

    Aetina teams up with Sysinno to provide a solution capable of visual inspection/image recognition and air quality monitoring. The solution consists of Aetina’s DeviceEdge platform AN810-XNX and Sysinno’s air quality sensor iAeris series, and can be used in different fields.

  • Join Aetina On-Demand Session at GTC 2022

    Take the pains out from the edge AI project development and deployment,
    Aetina one-stop AI service that covers comprehensive solutions and services
    to assist you in building system architectures faster and accelerating the implementation time.
    The expert of Aetina will share more of our Pro-AI Service during the session.