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Wide Operating Temperature Range

Commercial grade GPGPU boards today achieve amazing graphical performance and computational ability -- until things heat up. Industrial embedded systems need to operate in situations and temperatures beyond commercial hardware. Fanless operation, SWaP constrained systems, and exposure to severe temperature variations are just a part of daily life for aerospace, defense, vehicle, and outdoor based embedded systems. For these systems, wide operational temperature design is crucial in ensuring stable operation and performance reliability under extreme conditions.

With stringent quality control and select use of industrial grade components certified for wide temperature operation, Aetina targets mission-critical applications such as aerospace and defense systems operating in tough environments and extreme temperatures. We offer wide temperature GPGPU solutions to fulfill vendors an excellent choice for building rugged embedded systems with powerful GPGPU and graphics capability.

To ensure consistent operation and reliable performance under various environmental temperature extremes, Aetina carries out stringent testing exceeding the requirements of the IEC 60068 standard. Our wide temperature testing includes a gauntlet of dynamic temperature burn-in cycles over extended periods of time with start-ups at as low as -40°C and as high as +85°C, using a thermal stream-like testing model, together with our own in-house designed interposer card developed to test specialized form factors required by our industrial customers.

Operational Benefits

▋ Wide Temperature for Mission Critical C4ISR

When the mission is on the line, every detail counts. Modern defense and aerospace situations require stellar C4ISR capabilities across a variety of environments. With altitude changes, severe climates, and extreme temperature changes a fact of life for aircraft, UAVs and ground vehicle in the field, every component needs to be able to perform regardless of environmental stresses. Our stringent quality control means our wide temperature products only use components that pass extensive wide operational temperature testing, ensuring the enemy fails before your equipment does.

▋ Extended Temperature for SWaP Constrained Systems

As embedded systems become smaller, faster and more component-dense, airflow becomes more restricted and heat generation increases. Modern GPUs are one of the most powerful and heat generating components of a computing system, however industrial applications don’t always allow for proper ventilation when fanless designs and compact embedded form factors are common in industrial systems. For defense and aerospace applications, SWaP(Space, Weight and Power) constrained systems are becoming the norm. In all these situations, system temperatures may reach extremes even when ambient environmental climates are within normal ranges. When temperature can’t be managed to normal operating specifications, our extended temperature boards certified from -20°C to 70°C ensures that GPU perform consistently even under extreme loads.

Comprehensive Certification

▋ Unique Interposer Testing Module

Few manufacturers have the capability to produce wide temperature models of specialized GPGPU products, yet they are common in defense and aerospace markets. For testing special, non-standard form factors, Aetina has specially designed our own unique interposer testing tool. With high-speed digital transmission connectors, the signal transfers without any degradation of performance even during temperature variations, giving a true indication of performance in extreme environments.

▋ Extreme Temperature Cycling

Beyond testing at temperature extremes, severe temperature variations are also accounted for. When moving between temperature extremes, components can shrink or expand causing, and humidity and condensation can cause electrical conductivity problems. Our wide temperature cycling test makes sure our GPGPU boards can stand up to this abuse and keep on ticking.

▋ 110 Hour Burn-in Test

Our wide temperature products must pass a comprehensive engineering testing procedure during development as well as individual validation. Including 100 power on/off cycles at 85°C and 100 power on/off cycles at -40°C, the beyond commercial grade testing ensures Aetina’s wide temperature products will reliably deliver stable operation and perform in extreme and rapidly changing temperatures. This stringent validation makes our wide temperature specification an excellent choice for a variety of versatile applications, including defense, industrial, vehicle or outdoor applications.

We recommend our wide temperature operation technology for the following applications

• Defense & Aerospace
• Outdoor Signage
• Embedded Vehicle Applications
• Avionics
• Factory Automation