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Expandable AI Inference Platform

Aetina MegaEdge is a series of expandable AI inference platforms, flexibly be integrated into a wide range of AI-related solutions to run AI inference tasks via rich I/O interfaces that support various types of peripherals, including sensors, cameras, monitors, robotic arms and so on.

To satisfy different deployment needs, Aetina rolled out MXM series, PCIe series and M.2 series for MegaEdge. This product lineup enables the seamless addition of GPU computing power or AI-enhanced performance, bringing versatile AI acceleration. Above all, all series help users complete AI projects easily and target a broad range of applications, including smart city, factory, retail, healthcare, security, banking, greenhouse farming and so forth.


  • Stability


    Combine solid components with long-term, stable operation

  • Flexibility


    Support a variety of CPUs, memory, storage, GPUs, and rich I/O interfaces

  • Manageability


    Feature high-performance computing to run AI inference tasks

Aetina MegaEdge Product Lines

MXM series
MegaEdge AIP-SQ67-A


Enriched Edge Inference & Data Connectivity

AIP-SQ67 blends cutting-edge performance and high-speed data transmission, offering a robust foundation for advanced visual-based AI analytics.

  • Accelerate AI-enabled applications with extended MXM modules
  • Achieve faster and more accurate AI inference with the 13/12th Intel CPU
  • Support out-of-band (OOB) management for remote maintenance of edge devices
PCIe series
MegaEdge AIP-FR68 Series


Scale Out Model Training & Enterprise AI

Empower your enterprise with our professional AI workstation, AIP-FR68, featuring NVIDIA RTX GPUs for outstanding performance. It provides a scalable supercomputing platform, supporting edge inference, small model training, and enabling innovative AI applications. Enhance productivity in your enterprise AI workflows.

  • Pre-installed NVIDIA AI Workbench Software tool
  • Drive breakthrough AOI AI defect detection with Metropolis for Factories
  • NCS (NVIDIA-Certified System) certification, featuring NVIDIA RTX™ A6000 or NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada GPU
  • With a specialized thermal design to support dual passive NVIDIA A30 GPU driving for localized AI training


Intensify Computer Vision & AI Inference

Unleash peak AI performance at the edge with AIP-KQ67, equipped with powerful NVIDIA Quadro series GPUs and high-speed I/O connectivity for cutting-edge computer vision and AI inference.

  • Powered by Intel 12/13th Gen Core™ i9/i7/i5 processors, TDP up to 125W
  • Featuring NVIDIA A2 Tensor Core GPU and approved by NVIDIA NCS certification
  • Support up to 300W high-end NVIDIA Quadro series GPU cards on option SKU
  • Neat and screwless chassis design with dust filter cover enhancing the lifespan and reliability
  • Support multiple channel input for advanced on-premise edge inference
MegaEdge AIP-KQ67
M.2 Series 
MegaEdge AIP-FR68 Series


Highly Efficient & Low Latency Visual Recognition

The AIP-CR68 delivers efficient, reliable, and zero-noise operation. By integrating the Hailo-8™ M.2 AI accelerator card, it significantly enhances AI visual recognition performance and inference efficiency, while also offering high expandability and reasonable total cost. It is the optimal solution for achieving cost-effective, flexible deployment of various Edge AI applications.

  • Powered by Intel 12/13th Gen Core™ i9/i7/i5 processors, TDP up to 35W
  • Build in Hailo AI accelerator for Edge AI inference
  • Optional PSE support Dual IP Camera for image capture
  • Support Out-of-Band (OOB) management for remote maintenance of edge devices