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Vision Inspection

Medical imaging drives the heart of modern medicine. Doctors, radiologists and nurses use detailed graphs, charts and 3D anatomical visualizations displayed on state-of-the-art multi-monitor PACS systems to make quick diagnosis and prescribe the best treatments to their patients. The images they use from digital radiography, 3D computed tomography (CT), MRI, and PET scans help them produce better outcomes. Each new generation of medical imaging technology boasts better images at higher resolution but requires complex processing that strains traditional CPU-driven architecture yet is perfectly suited to the strengths of GPU accelerated computing.


Delivering Modern Medical: Embedded AI computing make a revolution

Doctors, radiologists, and nurses today rely more on diagnostic imagery than ever, and need to interpret charts, radiographs, and scans quickly and accurately. At the same time, patient infotainment systems and medical signage gets ever more sophisticated. Modern medical PCs and PACS systems require strong 2D and 3D graphics capability for real time display of patient charts, X-rays, CT and MRI scans as well as multi-display capability for diagnostic efficiency. Aetina provides both Nvidia powered professional graphics cards for medical use. Aetina provides both GPGPU solutions for Medical Imaging - enhancing real-time signal processing capability of the latest medical diagnostic imaging equipment for higher resolutions, better image quality and detail, as well as industrial grade graphics cards to drive diagnostic displays on PACS systems. Moreover, Aetina’s Nvidia cards with Maxwell architecture provide powerful graphics acceleration for 3D imaging and support 4K video for fine detail. Last, through Aetina edge AI computing platform can realize smart medical and provide caring robot to send a more completely medical care.


Aetina provides edge AI computing and GPGPU solutions for medical industrials
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▌ Medical appliances
To provide a high quality of medical imaging, Aetina have GPGPU solution of industrial MXM modules, with powerful GPU computing, which can speedily cope with numerus image data into a high-resolution and meaningful medical information.

▌ Surveillance camera
Through the Aetina edge AI computing platform, surveillance devices can detect the emergency such as fallen, send a warning to realize the prevention caring.

▌ Medical bed
With Aetina edge AI computing platform, a smart medical bed can help with real-time patient condition detection, to give a more completely care for severely ill patient.

Aetina provides edge AI computing and GPGPU solutions for medical industrials
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▌ Managing monitor
Through the Aetina MDS multi-display graphics card series, it is easy to build a video wall of the monitoring center and monitor the real-time status of each position in the hospital. When necessary, it can also display in one large screen to create an easier security environment.

▌ Managing system
Aetina provides workstation level MXM graphics modules that efficiently process large amounts of data quickly, and at the same time facilitate image acquisition and analysis through powerful parallel computing capabilities.

▌ Medication cart
A medication cart combined with embedded edge AI computing device can help to make the nursing system getting stronger and do the real-time medical data analysis in a more convenience way.


Modern medical imaging places high demands on graphics capability, with new technologies like real time MRI, Computed Tomography (CT) scans, 4D Ultrasound, and more, demanding strong parallel processing capability to deliver high quality results in real-time. The same imaging results which would take minutes or hours with CPU based processing, can be achieved in seconds with GPU accelerated computing. Aetina’s high performance GPGPU computing solutions provide the optimal signal processing power that these modern medical imaging applications require with the stability and reliability from an industrial-grade graphics card provider. Beyond commercial-grade, Aetina’s high performance GPGPU computing solutions adopt the latest GPU technology produced with industrial grade components to stringent quality standards for high reliability, providing higher resolution, best quality imagery and enabling real time displays.