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The security system nowadays, had sharply changed with IoT, digitalize, and the technology of camera encode/decode, more and more high-resolution videos and images are involved. But how to efficiently manage and analysis these huge data, meanwhile tracking and alarming the target when emergency happened, are the main core of digital security area nowadays. Also, with the revolution of deep learning and AI technology, how we collect, inspect, and analysis the data and video have sharply changed at this moment, waking a safer, more various smart city.


GPU powerful parallel computing fasten monitoring system IVA application

These solutions are embedded in standardized sizes and are easy to deploy, whether used in air, street, buildings or public spaces, providing reliable and complete software/hardware integration deep learning solution for intelligent image analysis (IVA) applications. The AI edge computing platform also supports the latest mainstream media formats such as MPEG and HEVC, supports high-efficiency GPGPU parallel computing performance, and can effectively perform image decoding and compression processing. which not only provides excellent image quality, but also save more storage of backstage. Moreover, provides MDS multi-display graphics card series, can be combined with 4/9/12 multi-display, while the powerful Nvidia GPU provides stunning image output and stable display.

Aetina provided various embedded GPGPU solutions, including high-performance and low power consumption embedded edge AI computing platform, which perfectly release the hundreds of CUDA core power from Nvidia Jetson module series. And also including embedded computing module, providing station level of computing power, which fulfill the management requires from the backstage.


Aetina provides edge AI computing and GPGPU solutions for security industrials
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▌ Security cameras
The Security nowadays no longer simply record images. Through the Aetina edge AI computing platform, Security devices can detect and monitor suspicious people through visual recognition algorithms. Send a warning to make the security network stronger.

Aetina provides edge AI computing and GPGPU solutions for security industrials
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▌ Managing monitor
Through the Aetina MDS multi-display graphics card series, it is easy to build a video wall of the monitoring center and monitor the real-time status of each location. When necessary, it can also display in one large screen to create an easier security environment.

▌ Managing system
Aetina provides workstation level MXM graphics modules that efficiently process large amounts of data quickly, and at the same time facilitate image acquisition and analysis through powerful parallel computing capabilities.


With the rapid and massive flow of social environment, the issue of security protection has become the primary concern of people, and the requirements for monitoring equipment have also increased. In addition to the requirements for monitoring screens on traditional devices, with the development of technology, the amount of data has also increased significantly, and it is a necessary condition for a monitoring center to have a processor capable of processing a large amount of data.

Aetina proposes a series of products for monitoring security, from traditional equipment optimization to intelligent transformation, complete product lines, industrial grade materials, and software and hardware integration, which can quickly meet the needs of the field and quickly establish customers. The safety network enhances the quality of the industry.