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Improving Safety and Shortening Ride Times with Smart Elevator Solutions

In the age of digital transformation, Aetina and her partner stand at the forefront of revolutionizing the elevator industry. Addressing the challenges of traditional maintenance, our partner has pioneered an intelligent elevator solution, integrating IoT, big data, and AI. This technology transforms elevators into 'smart devices', equipped with embedded sensors that transmit real-time data to the cloud. This allows for immediate fault detection, consumable tracking, and proactive maintenance, greatly enhancing user experience and reducing downtime.

Beyond fault detection, Aetina's solution incorporates AI to optimize elevator dispatch and space utilization, ensuring efficiency even during peak hours. Our Jetson Orin Nano platform, AIB-SO31, is specially designed for the elevator environment, combining a small footprint with high computational power and supporting a range of functions from sensor data collection to complex image analysis. The innovative approach not only caters to the immediate needs of users but also addresses long-term operational challenges by minimizing maintenance costs, enhancing safety, and ensuring efficient operation.

Smart Agriculture

  • Palm-sized platform design with high computing abilities
  • Supports E-Key for Wi-Fi card
  • Safety enhanced with earthquake warnings and emergency stops
  • Improve emergency reaction times
  • Reduce elevator ride times


Smart Agriculture