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Aetina provides a variety of small form factor (SFF) modules with compact architecture, targeting applications that usually require high-performance computing in constrained spaces. These SFF modules include the Mobile PCIe Module (MXM) and M.2 Module, along with our proprietary evaluation Expansion Kit and one-stop thermal service.

The Mobile PCI Express Module (MXM) features a compact commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution. Aetina leverages cutting-edge NVIDIA GPUs and AI ASIC processors, delivering unparalleled power efficiency and high-level computing capabilities. It is ideal for embedded systems that require high performance along with size, weight, and power (SWaP) optimization for edge AI applications.

Purpose-Built for Embedded Vision AI

With a seamless mix of services and advantages in MXM modules, Aetina equips edge AI to conquer demanding environments and unique needs.

  • Slim and Space-saving
    1. Small footprint and light weight
    2. Mounted flat to save mechanism space
  • Golden Finger 30µ"
    1. Extra protection from scratch and damage
    2. Ensure stable and quality signals
  • Extended Temperature
    1. Option temperature support : -20~70°C, -40~85°C
    2. Individual validation before shipping
  • Conformal Coating
    1. Protection against dust, moisture and corrosion
    2. Improve MTBF
  • CUDA Computing
    1. Up to thousands of CUDA cores
    2. Optimized parallel computing
  • Visual Computing
    1. Dedicated for AI acceleration
    2. Real-time image processing
  • Multi Displays
    1. 3840x2160 resolution
    2. DP++, HDMI outputs
  • Configurable TDP
    1. Power cap customization
    2. Meet specific usage scenario

Embedded MXM Modules

NVIDIA Ada Architecture
NVIDIA Ampere Architecture
NVIDIA Turing Architecture
NVIDIA Pascal Architecture
One-Stop Thermal Service

As the dimensions of small form factor modules are inconsistent in the market, it’s inconvenient for users to customize heat dissipation design to avoid the occurrence of high temperature failure especially when developing high computing performance applications in smart medical, factory automation, and so on. To improve the situation, Aetina decided to roll out one-stop thermal service, including standard heat spreaders, optional semi sink, and customized cooler.

  • Increase the area of dissipation for each IC component
  • Handle temperature overheat issue not merely for GPU but memory as well
  • High-watt heat spreader is made of copper, and low-watt one is aluminum
  • Easy assembly
  • Save extra jiq cost
Developer Evaluation Kits for MXM

In the early stages of AI deep learning project development, developers often spend significant cost and time building test systems to confirm performance, specifications and compatibility with related peripheral. To address the challenge, Aetina’s expansion kits provide onboard high-performance computing slot for preliminary evaluation across various applications, such as deep learning and computer vision.

  • Support PCI Express Gen4 x16 slot to host
  • Support 4x HDMI display output per board
  • Compatible with Aetina's Embedded MXM modules, including Turing, Ampere, and Ada series

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