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Vision Inspection

With the coming era of artificial intelligence with the birth of the smart city, our imagination of high-tech life is becoming real and happening in reality. Due to the development of technology, the purchase channels and payment methods of the retail industry are diversified. The only constant is to be continuing to create solutions for trades promotion in the retail sector.

Retail is occurring under the smart era, and digitalizing brick-and-mortar store is the primary purpose for changing retail. No matter is commercial video wall, smart guiding, and live-EDM in a store, or intelligent body measurement and recommendation, are all born for this digital era. Moreover, these high techs need information detection and identification instantly, in the meanwhile receive and process the vast amount of data to create a convenient retail field.


Parallel Computing empower retail industry to intellectualize

To accelerate the industry of retail intellectualize, Aetina provides GPGPU solutions enabled by GPU. Supercomputing platforms of Nvidia Jetson series got potent embedded edge AI platform and features in high performance and low consumption. In the meanwhile, with a stable core computing, GPU based solutions can lower the latency, offer unmatched, deep learning processing and promote the actual interaction between system and human, leading a real-man interactive experience. Aetina provides the retailers with a customization module; make an easy way to deploy in the mall, sent a reliable method for general software/hardware integration.


Aetina provides edge AI computing and GPGPU solutions for retail industrials
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▌ Video wall
Aetina MDS series multi-display graphic card can help the retailer to build a spectacular video wall, providing various methods showing their commercial with high resolution display.

▌ AR Navigation
Aetina’s AI computing platform can set as the not at the edge of IoT system, which can execute edge computing or fog computing, to build a brand-new experience of shopping with an inter AR navigation.

▌ Managing system
Aetina provided station stage of MXM graphic module, speedily cope with huge amount of data, in the meanwhile, with powerful parallel computing ability, image and video detection will be much easier.

Aetina provides edge AI computing and GPGPU solutions for retail industrials
▼ More Detail ▼

▌ Entrance
With Aetina’s edge AI computing platform, the customers enable to deploy the facial recognition system in the front of entrance, and meanwhile record the exact enter list to improve the security in the store.

▌ Mall entrance
With Aetina edge AI computing platform, a people counter can be deployed to make sure the space capability is well.

▌ Product rack
Deploy a camera on Aetina edge AI computing platform to recognize what product is picked and the data will send to the warehouse for quantity control.

▌ Checkout counter
With accurate vision recognition, the camera deployed on the counter can recognized every product in the same time and break down the price, which save the time from traditional way of checking out.

▌ Service robot
The service robot empowered by Aetina’s high-performance and low power consumption edge AI computing platform, providing real-time human and machine interaction to make up the situation from the store, meanwhile, to assist the customers when shopping.


Retail is one of the closest industries to human beings. As the technology growing so fast, the retailer must upgrade their business model to serve unique experience to all customers. In the meanwhile, the retailers can also use tech to improve the operation of their stores, such as product amount of import and export, cost strategy, and marketing analysis. To intellectualize the industry can not only strength the customer experience but also help the operators to gain more benefits.