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Aetina Customize Services Helping Our Partners Reach What They Need

Aetina recognizes that each client requires very unique application requirements for their industrial embedded systems, especial claims for GPGPU solutions for critical applications in military, unmanned aerial vehicles, radar center, surveillance systems, factory machine vision facilities, medical imaging and transportations.

If you could not find the fit product for your needs, supported by Aetina’s in-house talented R&D engineers team with the over decade experience and knowledge in GPU applications and industrial computing can design it for your specific application demands. We are your manufacturer, solution provider and partner, has the ability ranging from conceptualization, specification design, circuit design, firmware optimization, validation testing, manufacturing and after services to accommodate your individual requirement for the critical applications. In the past years, we already successfully developed ODM business with world-leading companies developing their niche products that created by our pure-custom, semi-custom or minor-custom services.

To simply begin the procedure, you can just email our sales team.Our representatives will reach you soon and help to outline your tailored requirements.

Our Customize Services Provide Hardware & Firmware Design for Niche Values

Pure-Custom Level service

From concept to finished product until manufacturing and after services, providing complete customized design supporting into every phase of the product life cycle.
Design covering specification initial, domain documents supporting, researching, schematic review, circuit layout, BIOS tailored, debug & analysis, validation & testing, manufacturing management, schedule control and warranty service.

Semi-Custom Level service

Based on Aetina’s various form factors modules and boards, customers can have customized I/O, tailor-made BIOS and schematic customized service from Aetina. We will keep providing all necessary information and according supporting to customers in order to make sure products are in line with their needs and vertical applications. 

Minor-Custom Level service

To gain most flexibility and productivity, customers can easily and quickly suffice their systems from our standard-based products with minor configuration change without redesign. It is the way to save total cost and development time, speed up products time to market.

ODM Project Service Procedure

  • CD Concept Design:

    • Specification Initial
    • Domain documents supporting
    • Researcing
  • DRM Design Review Metting

    • Schematic review
    • Circuit layout
    • BIOS tailored
  • PT Prototype Run:

    • Prototype
    • Debug & analysis
    • Validation & testing
    • Compatible with customers' system
  • EP Engineer Pilot Run:

    • Critical function check
    • QVL starts
    • EMI certificate by request
  • PP Production Pilot Run:

    • ECR
    • QVL ready
    • MP tooling readiness
    • Yield rate checking
  • MP Mass Production:

    • Manufacturing management
    • QTC
    • Shipment control