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AOI AI Defect Detection Solution

AOI AI Smart Factory Defect Detection Solution

Integrating AI-Powered Defect Inspection Unlocks the Limits of Traditional One

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) has become essential for ensuring the high quality of products across all production lines. However, AOI equipment often face challenges such as high false detection rates, resulting in expensive manual re-inspections.

Aetina unveils the AOI AI Smart Factory Defect Detection Solution to seamlessly integrate with existing AOI systems. This solution leverages NVIDIA Metropolis for Factories technology and Aetina’s NVIDIA Certified System (NCS ) 3.0 AI computing platforms. Through streamlined data collection, efficient model training and advanced AI defect recognition, it enhances unparalleled inference accuracy, optimizing judgments for efficient reinspection verification. This not only reduces time-consuming manual re-inspections but also introduces unmatched precision into automated optical inspection (AOI) systems, significantly saving labor costs.

Challenges in AOI Factories

  • High False Alarm Rate of AOI

  • Time-Consuming for Talents Training

  • Inconsistent Manual Inspection Standards

  • Lack of Factory Labor

Solution Highlights

  • 1. Utilize NVIDIA Cutting-edge Toolkits
    2. GPU-powered AI Inference Performance

  • 1. One-Stop Services
    2. Rapid Implement through HW/SW Integration

  • 1. Reduce Workloads of Re-inspection Task
    2. Saves Production Line Labor Cost

  • 1. Swiftly AI Models Updates
    2. Improve Detection Accuracy

Solution Diagram

Elevate AI-Powered Defect Detection with Substantial Labor Savings

Aetina One-Stop Service

  • Start with Aetina

    1. Factory environment analysis (Content of inspection, production line equipment, expected outcomes)
    2. Acquisition and analysis of AOI machine data and processes
    3. Project implementation benefits and acceptance criteria
  • Become

    1. On-site installation
    2. User manual provided for the installed solutions
    3. Product model verification within one month after setup
    4. Confirmation of project implementation benefits
  • Completion

    1. Long-term after-sale services
    2. Product technical training
    3. Solution system upgrades
    4. Technical consultation services

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