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Vision Inspection

With the Industry 4.0 era, the traditional manufacturing industry is in the throes of a digital transformation that is accelerated by exponentially growing technology (e.g. intelligent robots, autonomous drones, sensors, 3D printing). The information and communication technology-driven change not only influence a greater level of computer-based manufacturing, but paving the way for product development, production and the entire value chain.

The Industry 4.0 facilitates the vision and execution of a "Smart Factory" with combination of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of Services, data and people. The pace of revolution reflects more and more industrial applications have begun to integrate more collective, connective and communicative abilities into devices. The relevant processing behind the scenes requires high-speed data processing, real-time analysis and precise graphics computing performance.


GPU-Accelerated Enhance Accuracy, Quality and Productivity to the Factory

In the domain of industrial automation, Aetina provides various product that worked by NVIDIA GPU. With parallel computing power from GPUs, Aetina’s products can cope with numerous data at the same time. And there are several product lines in Aetina can deal with the situation from the factory.

Industrial automation is demanded by almost all segments of worldwide industries to maximize productivity, accuracy, quality and efficiency. Most advanced vision guided robotic systems today use 3D visual sensing, it becomes faster and high definition 3D imaging and graphics computing are major requirements. Aetina’s industrial graphics cards are delivering high 3D video graphics performance, multi-display options and cost-efficiency, have been proven and adopted for enhancing the operation efficiently, reliably and accurately, maximize the quality and increase the productivity. On the other hand, to get on the AI generation, Aetina also delivery edge AI computing platform for pushing up the industrial field intellectualize. The platform backed by Nvidia Jetson series that developing a high-performance vision guided robotic (VGR) systems to achieve faster calibration, recognition and communication.


Aetina provides edge AI computing and GPGPU solutions for factory industrials
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▌ Managing monitor
Through the Aetina MDS multi-display graphics card series, it is easy to build a video wall of the monitoring center and monitor the real-time status of each position in the factory. When necessary, it can also display in one large screen to create an easier security environment.

▌ Managing system
Aetina provides workstation level MXM graphics modules that efficiently process large amounts of data quickly, and at the same time facilitate image acquisition and analysis through powerful parallel computing capabilities.

Aetina provides edge AI computing and GPGPU solutions for factory industrials
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▌ VGR (Vision Guided Robot)
With Aetina Jetson edge AI computing platform, a vision guided robot can be realize in the factory, in the meanwhile, automated production line much lower the time and save the cost to the industrial field.

▌ AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)
GPU accelerated empower the computer from the image and video dealing capability, Aetina PCIe industrial graphics cards helping speed up the examination in factory.

Aetina provides edge AI computing and GPGPU solutions for factory industrials
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▌ AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle)
Aetina Jetson edge AI platform can build up an automated guided vehicle for industrial field uses.

▌ Automated Shipment
An edge AI computing platform can smartly help calculate an accuracy timing when it is about lack of product then automated make the shipment.


In line with the industry 4.0 or smart manufacturing, the industrial processes now transforming computerized, digitalized and are intelligent. As result of the burgeoning use of vision sensors and cyber networks, the data flow into manufacturing is increasing rapidly. Only when the truly relevant information can be extracted from such tangible volumes of data, knowledge can be acquired. The GPU, which has multiple computing cores and supports parallel of computation processing, is one way of processing such large volumes of data quickly. Aetina provides high performance GPGPU computing solutions leveraging Nvidia powerful Jetson with CUDA parallel computing capabilities, empower massive data processing and evaluation with real-time capability.