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Smart Healthcare Application Note

Augmenting Veterinary Healthcare with AI-enabled Portable Ultrasound

The landscape of animal healthcare investment is rapidly transforming, spurred by the inherent complexities of non-verbal communication between animals and humans. AI-enabled portable ultrasound solutions are being integrated to improve veterinary healthcare by increasing diagnostic precision.

One of Aetina’s partners, a global industry leader in the manufacturing of diagnostic ultrasound apparatuses, used Aetina’s GPU-based MXM called M3A500 for their portable veterinary ultrasound PC. The M3A500 propels the efficiency of automated segmentation models, significantly reducing the time for image adjustment and manual intervention. It delivers highly precise imaging at superior frame rates with minimal latency, enabling expeditious and accurate evaluation for healthcare practitioners.

Smart Agriculture

  • Conservative energy footprint, with performance up to 7.28 TFLOPS
  • Five-year availability guarantee and exclusive technical support, resulting in maintenance cost and time savings
  • Improves patient diagnosis outcomes through optimized accuracy
  • Bolsters the GPU power of mobile ultrasound apparatuses


Smart Agriculture

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