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Revolutionizing Surgical Diagnoses with 4K Naked-Eye 3D Medical Computing Systems

Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) has emerged as a breakthrough in surgical procedures, accompanied by a growing demand for advanced technologies. For doctors and medical staff using MIS, surgical skills are a prerequisite, but now they must also learn the ins and outs of the cutting-edge machinery used for MIS. Shortening the learning curve for those new technologies, by making them easier to use, is the biggest challenge.

A technological marvel, the Naked-eye 3D Medical Computer System built by one of Aetina’s clients, features Aetina MegaEdge AIP-SQ67 harnessing MXM M3A2000-VY for unparalleled 3D imaging computing. Seamlessly integrated with 3D medical imaging equipment such as endoscopes and robotic surgical systems like Da Vinci robotic arm, the system captures, consolidates, and presents dynamic surgical images in real-time 3D stereoscopic images on the screen, eliminating the need for uncomfortable 3D glasses and reducing the load on physicians.

Beyond aiding in surgery, the system allows editing and recording footage for meticulous analysis. It facilitates preoperative assessments and serves post-surgery as an invaluable tool for medical seminars and educational training. Supporting resolutions up to 4K@60, the system delivers high-definition images with detailed insights for nuanced diagnoses.

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  • Integrated MXM slot to support MXM PCIe Gen.4 x16, enhancing computing power
  • Equipped with two removable 2.5” SSD drive trays, allowing users to swap SSD quickly
  • 5x DP++ supports high-resolution graphics display
  • Eliminates the discomfort of 3D glasses and significantly reduces the burden on physicians
  • Enhances the experience in MIS, reducing medical errors
  • Elevates surgical efficiency and precision


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