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About Aetina

Founded in Taiwan from 2012, and reinvestment from Innodisk Corporation in 2013. Aetina is dedicated to high-performance GPGPU and Edge AI Computing solutions for industrial embedded applications. With continuous focus and development on the industry-specific form factors and high reputable GPU-accelerated computing products for a wide range of image-critical applications in medical, defense & aerospace, factory automation, gaming, machine learning, surveillance, and more edge computing markets.

Besides, in the era of AI+IoT, Aetina set its position at the edge, acting its role providing edge computing solution and integration, help the group from data acceleration, collection, analysis, and other AI functions. At the same time, with a stable connection with the Innodisk group, Aetina’s solution got full supports, help the customers for stronger service.

At Aetina, long-term support is our core commitment. We stand together with customers through the close technical partnership, as well as our trusted hardware and firmware customization services. Everything we do is dedicated to helping our customers to release their products on time, on budget, and with the anticipated competitiveness.


The technology nowadays got their way to keep developing the AI, and what the edge computing is to make the AI closer to humans. Since the edge had sat on a critical position in the AIoT market, Aetina is sure with their vision during the time. Is to be atop of embedded Edge AI computing solution provider in the new era of AIoT igniting by the edge computing.


Connecting to the partners make oneself stronger in the AIoT market. To enlarge the possibility for everyone to get into edge AI industrials in the meanwhile to empower everyone's application as reliable as possible. Aetina not only being a solution provider but also make a robust ecosystem at the edge to strengthen an integral whole's AI capability.

Business Philosophy (Core Values)

Passion for Core Specialty

Passion for Core Specialty

Industrial GPU solutions are our main focus. Our experienced insights and engineering capabilities gave us the path to develop AI-solutions and stepped more in-depth into the intelligent markets.

Service by Seamless Integration

Service by Seamless Integration

We provide extensive products and services based on comprehensive integration of hardware and software, as well as an entire Edge AI ecosystem for every starter easy access for the AIoT.

Agile and Reliable Team

Agile and Reliable Team

Our team is responsive and reliable for customers to contact. Aetina is widely recognized as a dependable supplier and long-term partner in industrial embedded market.


▋ Industrial / Embedded Focus

Aetina works closely with industrial computing and embedded customers to ensure that we develop and implement technical innovations that best suit their target markets. Our products are compatible with a wide range of applications, from the automation, transportation, retail, security, medical, gaming and defense. We also offer tailored products to suit demanding working conditions and temperatures.

▋ Your IDEAL choice and the most Beneficial business buddy

IDEAL choice the most Beneficial business buddy

▋ Empower the energies to Edge AIoT for Win-Win solutions

For the blooming AIoT generation, Edge computing changed the vision from the device, showing the ability at local and lower the latency as well. The investors and application developers nowadays not only finding the way to access this field but also seeking the most convenient and the most budget way to reach their goal.

To stay with the Innodisk group strategy, Aetina AI computing platforms plays the key role of pre-integration with AIoT edge ecosystem. We persist in related product development, collaborate with vertical SI (system integration) companies, also enthusiastically signing MOUs (memorandum of understanding) with edge ecosystem partners. Moreover, we designed robot project for not only demonstration reasons but also showing the powerful ability and convenience of the Aetina edge AI computing platforms. In the meanwhile, got deep in the intelligent edge industry, to build win-win solutions for the customers. As the leader in the intelligent edge industry, Aetina will help partners and society bring more AI values and possibilities.