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Empowering Security with AI-Driven Intrusion Detection for Crow-Free Zone

Many crows had taken residence on the rooftop of a Japanese factory, presenting both an unsightly spectacle and hygiene concerns due to the birds' droppings. The factory needed a solution that would deter the crows without causing them harm, which led to the development of an accessible AI Vision Solution for intrusion detection. The Aetina AI Intrusion Detection Solution is the ideal choice, consisting of a powerful edge computing system integrated with eco-partner IronYun’s Vaidio DIY, which facilitates swift and effortless training for recognizing new objects, specifically crows.

This solution not only streamlined the detection process and made it easier to integrate with the factory’s existing ONVIF IP cameras, NVR systems, and 3rd-party speakers. By emitting loud noises through the speakers when crows were detected, the factory was able to deter the birds without causing them harm.

Smart Agriculture

  • Supports multiple cameras and channels
  • Adjustable parameters to meet various field requirements
  • Long-distance object detection of 50 to 70 meters
  • Humane, harm-free, and efficient crow dispersal
  • Revolutionize factory safety and environment
  • Eliminate the labor costs of manual intervention


Smart Agriculture