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The gaming industry has been developing in the market long-lasting; whether arcade game in the past to now, revolutionized images of gambling machine, or VR game nowadays, are all played essential roles in the industry.

To leave an easy-accessing and thoroughly delightful space for gamers to play, no matter an amusement arcade or casino are all open 24/7, therefore, all the game machines work for them 24/7 too. In this case, game machines here are required to equip with a discrete graphics card that can operate stability and reliability. Besides, with the development of gaming, interactive gameplay, multi-connection game, and immersion game are becoming a trend for the gaming market. A powerful graphics card can meet the diversity of game machine designing with spectacular quality of the image and multi-display function, bringing a lot more values to your product.


GPU accelerating for a perfect AR/VR imaging

Aetina's General Purpose Graphics Card supports two-ball-bearing cooling fan, which is more durable at a higher temperature, also is quieter and with 4x longer lifespan. Also, Aetina's graphics card support industrial-grade solid capacitors, are having better performance at sharply changing temperature. Even with a non-stop working environment of gaming machines, Aetina's graphics card enhanced the gaming machines' reliability of displaying.

Moreover, Aetina’s MDS™ Multi-Display Graphics Card series can perform even 4, 9 or 12 multiple displays, be sufficient for modern stadium games too. In a developing era of the gaming industry, Aetina helps you extending your imagination of game design and let your creativity unlimited exploring.


Aetina provides edge AI computing and GPGPU solutions for gaming industrials
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▌ Arcade
Provided Aetina high-performance graphics card series, flexibly using VGA display and support various inputs for different machines. Moreover, 3D vision and 8K high-resolution display are sustained, bringing extraordinary experience.

▌ Casino
Aetina multi-display graphics card makes good cooperation with several kinds of casino games. Stably connect 4/9/12 displays with no time lag, providing rich and high-resolution vision experience for each game participants.

▌ AR/VR Playground
With Aetina high performance Turing architecture graphics card, real-time ray tracing providing a vivid images' environment for AR/VR gaming experience.

▌ Net Café
Aetina general PCIe graphics cards perfect fit different kinds of PCs. Exquisite game images send a whole new experience for visually stimulating.


Due to the gaming machine industry's long development period and the obstacles of getting machine certified, the manufacturers usually need a stable and long-term supplier. That can meet their demand also offer them an excellent management opportunity for amusement arcade and casino. Aetina supports 3 years of longevity supply to reduce the redesign and time costing for our clients. Also, the industrial-grade of graphics cards providing a stable quality of the product, let the clients stay leading in the thriving gaming market, the creative imagination of game design should not be limited by the vision as well.