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MAIN Edge AI Solutions

Heading toward "AIization of all things," the AIoT environment gets abundantly and variously than before. Different demands of application deployment have been changing and getting more complicated. However, Aetina upholds the core business value of innovation, reliability, and intensifies life convenience by smart works, vigorously building a comprehensive AIoT ecosystem.

AI technology could generate in all industries, which makes everything possible. As artificial intelligence has developed this far, thanks to the straightforward, cost-effective deployment, and stable communication capability, the edge AI solutions got extensive acceptability. Edge computing isn't that irrelevant to the market. It proves its value by centralized data at the edge to ensure high security and being widely applied by enterprises.

However, there still are challenges and new knowledge once developing a corresponding application. Since AI solutions could change rapidly, keep them under control, and flexible for modification will be the eventual purpose to perfect. Aetina with great AI solution contributing work experience, acquainted with the market's key principles, got profound to the insights and expected to optimize the deploy environment for vertical application.

Smart Solution Insight

Edge Devices Remote Control

Edge Devices
Remote Control

The edge devices could deploy with unlimited numbers as need. Booting up the entire solution needs a well-set remote system for central control for manager uses.

System Privacy & Security

Privacy & Security

AIoT environment is open to connecting to everything, which makes the demands of business security a high concern. The system management with protecting profits is necessary.

Solution Service Management

Solution Service

AI solutions are varied, scalable, and changing. To adjust solutions' appropriateness in time, a quick and easy-arrange management system is a must.

Comprehensive Pro-AI Service

Aetina is an experienced edge AI solution provider. First focused on varied GPGPU solution, Aetina with nearly 20 years of research and development experience, know well the market demands and provide extraordinary GPU accelerators. Then Aetina get deep into the GPU-based AI computing module, deliver edge AI insights to the market meanwhile provide the AI computing platform to serve this "AIization of all things" environment.

At the edge service stage, Aetina contributed a well-integrated hardware platform and smoothed the solution by rendering software supports. Series of AI performance scalable for computing center and peripheral module and board support package (BSP) integration in the hardware solution, handling varied requirements of smart applications. Besides, we cooperate with algorithm ecosystem partners in the diverse vertical market. To strengthen the edge AI environment specialization, Aetina contribute capability properly to maximum efforts. Meanwhile, Aetina is delivering landing accelerator and platforms baking in the software solution. Software service made the perfect bridge for the edge to the cloud to the end-vertical application, and the edge platforms in between as well.

Aetina Professional AI Service Architecture

5 Beneficial Steps to Market


Pro-AI Minded

Aetina is an experienced AI solution provider that has in-depth research on AI construction. We serve the customers from the cloud to the edge and simplifying hardware selection and software deployment.


HW/SW Coordinated

We deliver hardware and software synchronously to enhance the solution stabilities.


Strong EcoSystem

Keep connecting with varied partners is the core business strategy of Aetina.


Management Package

We set a solution management package to keep it stable & strainable in changing environments.


Security Guaranteed

Our promise of security to our solution, we reinforce in both hardware and software service.

Aetina Intelligent Management (AIM)

AIM is made to deliver an innovative service in AI solution market. Aetina with the ambition to contribute a more comprehensive, more thoughtful, and advanced AI service. We serve the customers professionally and mind-straightly. Therefore, Aetina Intelligent Management (AIM) spring up to push the expert-level service of AI development.

The AIM system configuration is a total solution through the platform, framework, app, and cloud. Aetina provides service to diverse vendors based on the need and helps them for quicker solution integration and development. Once edge AI solution is familiar to arrange, we believe it will ultimately make artificial intelligence closer to the human being in the AI world.

Aetina Intelligent Management (AIM)