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Cloud Management Platform

Foster Swift Remote Device Management

Aetina's cloud-based management platform, EdgeEye, helps users simplify the management of scattered edge devices. This browser-accessible platform centralizes the monitoring and control of distributed edge devices with intuitive dashboards. It provides connection, control and status monitoring of device hardware, providing immediate alert notifications of anomalies across the entire fleet. In addition, EdgeEye also supports out-of-band management, assisting with remote reboot, shutdown, power control, backup and recovery, enabling remote troubleshooting, effectively reducing the time and cost for on-site maintenance, and minimizing system downtime.

EdgeEye, a purpose-built remote device management platform designed for the edge, offers businesses great operational efficiency, resilience, and cost savings.

EdgeEye : Device Management Platform

  • Easy Access

    Easy Access

    A browser-based platform, allowing conveniently monitor and manage the distributed edge devices via smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

  • Status Monitoring

    Status Monitoring

    Help clients monitor the hardware status, such as CPU/ GPU loading, memory utilization and memory capacity.

  • Alert Notification

    Alert Notification

    Defines custom threshold of hardware status, and the system will send warning notification immediately when triggering the threshold.

  • Remote Control

    Remote Control

    Support functions of reboot, shutdown, backup and recovery via out-of-band management modules.

  • User-Friendly Interface

    User-Friendly Interface

    Flexibly set and arrange monitoring data format, supporting group scheduling and control function.

Remote Out-of-Band Management

For edge devices equipped with out-of-band management modules, EdgeEye enables remote Out-of-Band device management function to resolve instantly unresponsive devices and abnormalities conditions.

  • Dual-band Management

    Dual-band Management

    Support out-of-band and in-band backup for total management availability and increased maintenance efficiency.

  • Power Control

    Power Control

    Remotely reboot or power off devices to instantly resolve system crashes.

  • Stays Online

    24/7 Stays Online

    Ensure devices stay powered on for remote monitoring and uptime.

Check Out System Requirements

Server-side EdgeEye
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 2.3 GHz
  • Storage: 32GB RAM / 200GB root partition for the system
  • Operating System: Linux Ubuntu 18.04+
Server-side EdgeEye
Client-side EdgeEye
  • Operating System: Linux Ubuntu 18.04+
  • Browser: Google Chrome 9.0+ / Chromium
Client-side EdgeEye