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Conformal Coating

Aetina offers conformal coating service on its complete range of GPU products to meet the rigors of harsh industrial and military use. Our conformal coating technology refers to protective chemical materials applied in layers as thin as 0.13mm thick onto the circuit board to create a protective film for components. These coatings are applied in line with IPC-A-610 standards for electronic components to protect the boards against environmental hazards including dust, moisture, harsh chemicals, mechanical stress and to prevent solder joints and connections corroding due to contact with air.

Especially suited to defense and aerospace, outdoor digital signage, in-vehicle computing and factory automation, Aetina’s conformal coatings go beyond normal ruggedization methods to not only offer protection from the elements but add value to industrial systems.

Key Benefits

▋ Reduce Total Cost of the System

To meet dust and water protection requirements for customer applications, system integrators often seek to meet IP (International Protection) ratings. These heavy, costly enclosures may not be necessary for all end users. In environments where direct contact with water is unlikely, IP rated products may unnecessarily increase cost and reduce market competitiveness. In a dustproof environment, Aetina can offer the right coating solution on the board itself to reduce the total cost of the system without sacrificing reliability.

▋ Improve System Service Life

The cost of component failure in industrial systems is high as they are often handling mission-critical applications or operating in difficult to service environments. High reliability and long Mean Time Between Failure(MTBF) are not just selling points but key specifications in this field. Aetina’s conformal coatings completely cover the surface of the boards excluding the die of GPU and interface connectors, providing a final layer that shield board's sensitive components from environmental damage such as silver corrosion and stress-induced tin whiskers, increasing the service life and reliability of the system beyond ordinary ruggedization.

The Aetina Coating Process

▋ Top Quality Materials

Based on our customer profile and requirements, Aetina uses high quality acrylics supplied by HumiSeal, a partner who is one of the world’s top three conformal coating manufacturers. Aetina uses fast-drying acrylics which reduce the influence of dust and are compliant with IPC, UL and MIL coating standards. The acrylic based coatings provide excellent moisture protection and electric insulation, can be easily repaired, do not shrink while curing, and contain fluorescents for easy inspection under UV light. 

▋ In-house Coating Facility

Our conformal coatings are applied completed in-house, avoiding risk of contamination from external influences during transportation. All conformal coated products are inspected under UV light with coating thickness checked before shipping to guarantee the quality.

▋ Factory Warranty

Aetina provides a factory warranty for our conformal coated products. In the event that the coatings are damaged in use, Aetina is committed to resolving RMA issues. System integrators can consider Aetina a one-stop shop for their GPGPU solutions, as the coating application, repair and maintenance is taken care of under one roof.

Customized Coating Methods

Our conformal coating application methods can be tailored for specific end-user requirements

▋ Dipping

Dipping is a highly repeatable coating method suitable for larger size footprint. The coating material will penetrate and cover all parts of the circuit board. While economical for high volume orders, there can be some variation in thickness due to ambient temperature, dipping times, flow rate and environmental factors.

▋ Spraying

Especially suited for small to medium size footprint, the spray method of conformal coating application can give a very uniform surface coating under ideal conditions. The results will depend on the speed, positioning, and pressure of the spray arm, as well as board component height. Spraying does not reach the underside of board components, so an additional processing step may be required to completely coat certain boards.

▋ Brushing

An economical method of coating application for smaller sized boards, uniformity of thickness is dependent on the skill of the operator and may also be affected by the brushing equipment. Similar to spraying, brushing does not reach the underside of board components and may require an additional processing step to achieve this requirement.

▋ Selective Coating

Conformal coatings don’t always have to be applied to the entire board and if the use case calls for protection of certain components but not others, customers can choose to perform selective coating of key components. This can give the protective benefits of conformal coatings without the costs of coating the entire board.

We recommend our conformal-coated products be used in the following applications

• Defense & Aerospace
• Outdoor Digital Signage
• Embedded Vehicle Systems
• Factory Automation