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Warranty Policy


The purpose of this document is to set up the warranty and service policy of Aetina products for customer to reference while handling RMA cases. These procedures are for: 1) the reduction of RMA costs resulting from misjudgments, and 2) facilitating quicker response time for increased customer satisfaction.


(i) DOA (Dead on Arrival)

Products are considered as DOA if during the first 30 days from the invoice date conclusive tests are performed that result in No Post or No Display.

(ii) RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)

Products found to be defective 30 days after the invoice date and still within the given 24 months warranty period are eligible for RMA returns.


(i) Scope

The procedures presented in this document apply to all Aetina Corporation products. Aetina will provide free of charge warranty coverage to all the products manufactured and sold in case the purchased product is proven defective in material or workmanship under normal use during the warranty period.

(ii) Excluded Circumstances

The warranty will not be covered by Aetina resulting from:

(a) Products do not belong to Aetina.

(b) Dysfunction caused by improper handling and/or utilization or natural disasters or acts of God.

(c) Abuse, improper setup, illegal repair or revision does not approve by Aetina.

(d) Damages incurred results from improper package while being transported or moved.

(e) Serial numbers sticker or sealing warning label has been removed, revised, defaced or missing.

(f) Serial number is not corresponding, destroyed and/or unclear.

In case any of above circumstance, please don not send them back, they are not expected to be repaired or return by Aetina.

(iii) Service Policy

(a) For DOA: All the DOA will be replaced by new items and both of the return and dispatch shipping expenses of DOA will be paid by Aetina.

(b) For RMA during the warranty period : Aetina will provide free of charge repair service.
The shipping method and shipping costs of RMA returned to Aetina are the responsibility of the customer.
The shipping method and shipping expenses of RMA sending back to the customers will be covered by Aetina.

(c) For RMA out-of-warranty period : Customer will be charged a fee for the repair service.
The shipping method and shipping costs of RMA returned to Aetina are the responsibility of the customer.
The shipping cost of RMA sending back to the customer is also at the customer's expense.


(i) You can claim RMA service on Aetina's eRMA system, if you don’t have an ID and password to login to Aetina eRMA system, please click Register Request to apply or request to your Regional Account Manager for more information.

(ii) Aetina eRMA system will set up the file and reply by your request with a corresponding RMA number after receiving the request. Customer needs to return the RMA to Aetina within 7 working days after the RMA number was generated and mark RMA number clearly on the parcel and all related shipping documents.

(a) DOA products should be returned in the original packaging and with all of the original accessories. Otherwise, the products will be considered as RMA.

(b) Please keep original package or better protection packing way in order to prevent any damage during transit. Aetina has the right to reject and return the RMA as received in case the package improperly.

(iii) Aetina will check the appearance and any damages after receiving the RMA items, and provide the relevant information to the clients if any. Aetina will revert repaired or replaced goods within 14 working days. .

(iv) Aetina has the right to reject to provide repair services for products no longer in warranty. If Aetina chooses to provide repair services, the customer will be charged for the repair fees and component fees. Additionally, the needed repairing time depends on component acquisition.

Aetina Corporation RMA Services

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Aetina Corporation does not provide service under circumstances other than previously mentioned in the warranty policy, nor carry any other implicit, explicit, or subsidiary obligation in the warranty policy. Please refer to, and only to, the warranty policy for Aetina Corporation service obligation. The warranty policy supersedes any other promise in oral or written form. The warranty policy does not cover any random, extraordinary, direct or indirect damage that comes with the manufactured product, even when Aetina Corporation has been notified of the possibility of such damages. All actions of repair, replacement, or refund by Aetina Corporation are in fulfillment of the promises indicated under the warranty policy.