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Accelerate applications at the edge with discrete graphics cards for seamless performance gains. Aetina’s PCIe series uses powerful graphics processing units from Intel and NVIDIA, unleashing mind-blowing graphics, immersive visuals, and turbo-charged AI performance. Suitable for a variety of edge workloads, they amplify gaming, content creation, and media processing to levels that will not just meet but exceed your ambitious technological aspirations.

Transform Digital Experience with Intel Arc GPU for the Edge

Unleash the power of seamless gaming experience, limitless graphics acceleration, machine learning and ultra-smooth streaming on both gaming consoles and desktops. Exploring new dimensions in the entertainment industry today.

  • High-Performance Graphics

    High-Performance Graphics

    New Xe-HPG Microarchitecture

    Built-in XMX AI capability, advanced 3D acceleration hardware and new ray racing units.

  • Xe Super Sampling

    Xe Super Sampling


    AI-enhanced upscaling games enable maximum performance with high image fidelity.

  • DirectX 12 Ultimate

    DirectX 12 Ultimate

    Hardware Ray Tracing

    Hardware-accelerated ray tracing unlocks a new level of realism with the latest graphics technologies, like lighting, shadows, and reflections.



Unlock Excellence with Small Card


Designed in a low-profile, single-slot small form factor (SFF), our latest and powerful discrete PCIe card, IA380E-QUFL, supports up to four ultra-large displays to enhance the immersive visual experience. Powered by the Intel Arc GPU for the Edge, it offers supercharged performance for visual AI inference, graphics, and media streaming, boosting superlative efficiency of edge workloads.

  • Accelerate exceptional AI inferencing with specialized Intel Xe Matrix Extensions (XMX) AI engines.
  • Up to 4.096 TFLOPS. Maintaining cost-efficiency while achieving workstation-level GPU performance.
  • Unleash groundbreaking visual computing for advanced graphics and visualization.
  • Five-year long-term product availability support.
  • Smaller Size. Greater Strength

    Our PCIe series features compact-form designs to support space-constrained industrial environments. They are also easy to use with low power consumption and high energy efficiency, providing reliability for demanding gaming acceleration workloads.

  • Breathtaking 8K Visuals

    Discover new levels of fidelity and Ultra-High-Definition 8K resolution with multiple large displays. Combine AI compute-based high-performance graphics and upscaling technologies to enhance remarkable visual experiences and efficient productivity.

  • Longevity Supply Support

    Aetina’s PCIe series supports long-term product availability to meet long term development period and lifecycle of clients’ projects. This helps customers save time and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

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