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Multi-Display Graphics Card

To be one of the foremost Industrial graphics cards and GPGPU solution providers, Aetina enriches its Multi-Display graphics products with Multi Display Savant (MDS) series, powered by high-performance serial GPUs.

The MDS graphics series stride the monitor boundaries; enlarge your insight with an expanded display. Delivering high-resolution quality image and seamless multimedia experience across up to 12 displays based on one single GPU, the MDS graphics series are the ideal solution with flexibility, productivity and reliability for digital signage, display walls and any of multiple monitors deployment in business, industry, enterprise and mission-critical environments.

The MDS graphics series feature up to 6GB on-board frame buffer memory, supporting as high resolution as 15360x1024 for a spectacular display wall. Regardless of the type of system (desktop, small form factor system and workstation) or display connectivity (DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI and VGA), the Aetina MDS graphics series enable the most efficiency and compatibility to fit your demanding multi-display installations.