The Strongest Brain of AI Edge Computing for Autonomous Robotic

Autonomous Robotic has changed our daily life, and made it much more convenient. In the other hand, Autonomous Robotic can be used for multiple purposes in AI application, such as medical care, smart house, smart factory, smart secretary and entertainment industry. To fulfill the demands, real-time processing and edge computing become more and more important in every vertical AI application.

Nvidia Jetson series, which are known as the smallest edge computing system, are suitble for all size of autonomous robotic. Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier, the newest product of Nvidia Jetson series, keeps the advantage of small form factor. In the same time, it increases more than 20X the performance and 10X the energy efficiency of its predecessor. The Jetson AGX Xavier’s unprecedented processing power, incredible energy efficiency, which is under 30W, and easily embeddable form factor(105mm x 105mm) are revolutionizing the autonomous robotic application.

Being one of the best Ecosystem Partners of Nvidia Jetson, Aetina provides the developer kit for Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier. This system can supports high speed image transmission by 10G LAN, and up to 8x FHD cameras or 4x 4K cameras simultaneously. It’s perfect for every image-detection application. Furthermore, we provide our customers dedicated engineering support and longevity support with best stability and reliability.


Aetina Jetson AGX Xavier Dev Kit


Upcoming Product - Aetina Jetson AGX Xavier Carrier Board

Multiple Camera function support FHD Camera x 8
  4K camera x 4
Fully support M.2 device M.2 M key x1 : High Speed SSD/Embedded Peripheral/Frame Grabber Card
  M.2 E key x 1 : Support Wifi LAN Card
Board to board connector Support PCIe x 8 Device (Graphic / 10G LAN)
Networking PoE LAN x 2
USB USB 3.0 Type A x 2 (Support USB 3.1 Gen. 2)
  USB Type C x1 (Support USB 3.1 Gen. 2)