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Edge AI Computing Lead Textile Industry to Industry 4.0

Automated Inspection Solution with Aetina NVIDIA Jetson Platform

Since the requirements of eco-friendly, medical-care and leisure activities are growing day by day, different kinds of functional or technical textile have been developed. The traditional way of textile inspection, which is putting all the responsibility on human’s eyes to maintain the yield rate of textile, is not suitable for a variety of technical textile. Due to the cost of personnel expenses is considerable, and manual inspection rate is too slow to match the processing time of the modern weaving machine, Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI) has developed an Automated AI Textile Inspection Solution, based on Aetina Jetson Edge AI Computing Platform and the big data that TTRI has collected for years.

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▌The Advantages of Automated Textile Inspection

advantage of Automated Inspection

▌How the Solution Works

Automated Inspection Solution

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Automated Inspection Solution

Aetina NVIDIA Jetson Products for Automated Factory

NVIDIA Jetson Carrier Board   VID Module for AN310
Extention I/O Module Support VID Module   6x CSI-II Cameras 6x FPD-LINK Cameras
3D Facial Recognition 3D Facial Recognition   3D Facial Recognition 3D Facial Recognition
Dimensions   Input Connector
120 x 120 mm 87 x 70 mm   CSI-II x6 CSI-II x3 / FPD-LINK x6
Wide Tempurature   Support Camera
-20°C to +70°C -40°C to +85°C   2M Cameras 4K or 2M Cameras
More Detail More Detail   More Detail

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