Push Up Smart City:
Aetina Took Actions in Transportation & Logistics
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Taipei, May. 16th, 2019——To lead a more efficient, more convenient, and safer city life by technology, smart city has become a big trend for cities around the world. The most apparent industries to realize the smart life experience will be the spring up of e-commerce and the push hand behind is intelligent transportation and logistics. Expert of edge AI computing solutions provider Aetina Corporation had made efforts with the third-party partner that embedded AI into all kinds of analysis on the road and the transit of the products.
For transportation uses, Aetina Jetson edge AI computing platform take the role of the foundation of data processing, quickly inference any situation from the road such as traffic flow calculation, vehicle recognition, and traffic law enforcement. These not only conquer the traffic issues immediately for the short-term adjustment but also help the transportation scheme in the city for the long term draw up.

On the other hand, in the logistics industry, no matter the robot in the warehouse, track tracking platform, or driver monitoring system, can all quickly improve the progress from embedded an edge AI computing platform. Aetina collaborates with ecosystem partner’s 10-meter length of FPD Link cameras and IoV hardware solution, which made the AI platform stronger and rounded the intelligent application in logistics.

The transportation and the connection of people and IoT can so much influence how well a smart city works, "The edge device will take more and more roles from now to the future, "General Manager of Aetina Corporation Joe Lo said. "Everything will not only get on the internet but will also get the ability to inference right the time, to create more possibility to the city." Joe Lo explained.

More details of the smart transportation and smart logistics of AI platform with vehicle cameras will display in COMPUTEX 2019 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. Visit Aetina on May 28th to June 1st in booth Hall 1-K0806.

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Aetina founded in Taiwan in 2012, as a long-term support provider of high-performance GPGPU and Jetson edge AI computing solutions for embedded applications. We are focusing on the industrial market, providing industrial components and longevity service. Besides, we also an integrator of AIoT market, help the customers by offering a smart, innovated, and reliable solutions of GPU that approaching their needs in AIoT market, also in the meanwhile to solve the problems.

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