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Since urban rail transit is seen as the landmark in developed countries, intelligence and automated of railway traffic system have became the destination for every metropolitan area. Aetina is dedicated to high performance GPGPU and embedded Jetson edge AI computing solutions, especially for smart urban rail transit applications. With GPU-enhanced computing, embedded systems can experience acceleration on orders of magnitude for signal processing, image manipulation, and more.

▌GPGPU & Embedded Edge Computing Solutions for Urban Rail Transit

Once you step in the station, you can embed Aetina edge AI computing platform into the surveillance system, providing fast customs clearance and blacklist detection through facial recognition. After passing the speed gates, passengers will see the video wall and billboards being set up with multiple monitor that powered by our MDS graphics cards.

urban rail transit

In the other hand, we recommend using the latest turing supported general-purpose graphics cards on train interior advertising, bringing the high-performance multi-media commercial experience to the passengers.

Last but not the least, Aetina provides embedded MXM module and rugged GPU in XMC module, which offering high performance parallel-calculation ability for high performance computing demands in-vehicle metro application. In the same time, MXM and XMC modules are able to reduce the latency time and high computing loading, which making urban rail transit automated much safer and faster.

Edge computing platform

Jetson Edge AI Computing Platform

• Small-Form Factor
• Low-Power Consumption
• HW/SW and Peripherals Integration
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MDS Graphics Card

• Up to x12 Displays with Single Board
• Flexible and Easy Deployment
• Ideal for Video Wall & Electronic Sign
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MDS graphics card

MXM Module

Embedded MXM Module

• Work-Station Level Computing
• Wide-Temperature Design
• Conformal Coating Supported
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General Purpose Graphics Card

• Support x4 Multi-Displays
• Two-Ball-Bearing Cooling Fan
• Support 3D/AR/VR Effects
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General Purpose graphics card

MXM Module

Rugged GPU in XMC Module

• Alliance with CPCI & VME Systems
• 4 independent displays via VHDCI
• Rugged air-cooled Supported
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