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In the early stages of AI deep learning project development, developers need to build a test system to confirm performance specifications and related peripheral devices, and this often spend lots of cost and time in the process of trying and building. In response to the demands for rapid development, Aetina has launched the MXM Developer Kit, which provides an onboard high-performance MXM graphics computing module for a wide range of deep learning vision computing applications.

▌Development Kit I/O & Peripheral Extension Function

Aetina MXM Development Kit

High Performance MXM 3.0/3.1 Type A/B GPU Module Supported

Aetina's MXM Developer kit, MH110, supports all kinds of Aetina MXM 3.0/3.1 type A and type B modules, which is able to use the powerful graphics computing ability through Nvidia CUDA cores to overcome the large number of parallel vision data that facing in vision computing applications. MH110 supports 7th Gen. i7/i5/i3 CPUs and two DDR4 memory slots, which support up to 16G with single slot. Developers can customize their own plug-in-play test platforms according to the specifications of the project’s demands.

RTM-M3C-6DP supports the Aetina MXM 3.1 type A/B module and converts it into a PCI Express x16 Gen3 interface, allowing developers to quickly use the original PCIE system to test the compute performance of the MXM module in the early stage of vision computing project. In order to save time spent on system setup.

Most Flexible I/O Connectivity for Deep Learning Project Development

Otherwise, Aetina MXM Developer kits are designed with industrial-grade components used. MH110 is equipped with rich I/O, M.2 M/B key, miniPCIe and other peripheral extension functions. In the other hand, RTM-M3C-6DP provides six DisplayPorts for enhancing the flexibility of testing for deep learning project development. And this advantage allows developers to put limited resources in optimization of software and algorithms, which saving the cost of hardware test platform adjustment and building.

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▌MXM Module for MXM Development Kit

Aetina Embedded MXM GPU Module
M3P1000-LN M3P2000-LN
Nvidia Quadro Embedded P1000 MXM 3.1 GPU Module Nvidia Quadro Embedded P2000 MXM 3.1 GPU Module
MXM Module M3P1000-LN MXM Module M3P2000-LN
Nvidia CUDA Cores
512 Pascal Cores 768 Pascal Cores
Wide Tempurature
-40°C to 85°C -40°C to 85°C
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