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Edge AI is The Next Wave of AI

How do you get into it ?

During the Embedded World Digital, Aetina will open up with all series of professional Edge AI solutions, from AI inference platform of fog computing, AI accelerating GPU cards to AI edge computing platform that compact and multi-function. Also, our vision miracle solutions of multi-display. Furthermore, there are two forum sessions brought by Aetina. With the in-depth session brought by Aetina GPU and Edge AI experts, explore key concepts, practical cases, and best recommendations to understand how to improve efficiency with extensive edge Ai implementation and Pro-AI services given by Aetina.

+1.12 Trillion

Edge computing market size
was forecasted by 2023


Data will need analysis
and action at the edge


Enterprise IoT projects
will have an AI component

Aetina Forum for Innovative Ideas

Mar. 3rd ,2021

11:00 am ~11:30 am CET

Round Table: NVIDIA Jetson Makes Better Nursing Home

The aging population is a last long issue. Insufficient nursing resources and the increasing demands of a nursing home are the top critical problems. In the round table, you will see how Aetina intellectualized the nursing home with our partners.

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Mar. 5th , 2021

11:25 am ~11:45 am CET

Forum: GPU Empower Your Vision Possibilities

GPU shows its potential in AI computing. Where and how it use in our daily life? Aetina dedicated to GPGPU solutions with diverse form-factors. You will learn GPU real cases and the advantages of its work for varied smart applications in speech.

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Edge AI Scenarios by Aetina

Millions of enterprises are using edge AI solutions to build applications that improve flexibility, scalability, security, and reliability. Welcome to explore various further AI solutions to build at the edge with Aetina.

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