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Aetina Launches First-Ever MXM Module Empowered by Hailo’s AI Inference Processor


Aetina, an edge AI solution provider that offers edge computing hardware and software for use in AI and IoT, has launched the first-ever MXM module that is powered by Hailo-8™ AI inference processors. The ASIC-based MXM 3.1 module—MXM-H84A—is designed for different AI applications, to boost their performance; the applications include automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) in logistics, virtual fence systems in manufacturing, as well as other kinds of autonomous machines and computer vision systems.

Aetina MegaEdge AIP-SQ67

Aetina AI-MXM-H84A modules feature four Hailo-8™ AI processors, providing up to 104 Tera-Operations Per Second (TOPS) AI performance with best-in-class power efficiency to speed up deployment of neural network (NN) and deep learning (DL) processes on edge devices by AI developers. The Hailo-8™ AI accelerator allows edge devices to run DL applications at full scale with superb efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability. Due to its small-sized form factor, the high-performance MXM 3.1 type B module can be easily integrated into a variety of embedded systems by developers and system integrators to handle heavy inference workloads with low latency.


Aetina offers technical services and support for the users of the AI-MXM-H84A module. Users can also benefit from Hailo’s software suite which helps shorten the AI projects development cycles.


“By collaborating with Hailo, we are excited to deliver more edge computing solutions, helping our partners create or adopt AI in different verticals and industries by leveraging the ASIC hardware,” Jackal Chen, Senior Product Manager at Aetina, said. “Our hardware engineering team is committed to developing more ASIC-based solutions with chip-down and customization design service to smoothen system integration progress for developers.”


“Aetina’s MXM modules represent another step forward in making advanced edge AI applications more accessible and easy to use says” Gary Huang, Hailo’s General Manager of Greater China Business said. “We are grateful for the close cooperation between Aetina and Hailo and look forward to creating more innovative products supporting high-performance AI applications”


Besides the MXM module, the Aetina’s ASIC hardware product line includes its DeviceEdge edge computing systems—small embedded AI computers consisting of a CPU, AI accelerator, memory units, and other must-have computing hardware components, as well as I/O connectors and expansion slots—for use of AI-powered system development.


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Aetina, a provider of state-of-the-art AI solutions, offers a wide range of AI computing systems, platforms, hardware, and software tools ideal for the creation of different types of vertical AI. Aetina’s integrated solutions empower its Arm, x86 computers, GPUs, ASIC hardware, cloud management software, and development tools with artificial intelligence, delivering comprehensive, tailor-made hardware and software suites to enable smooth, quick system intellectualization progress at the edge. With its ecosystem network, Aetina makes the creation and deployment of any specific AI-powered applications highly achievable by leveraging its global partners’ AI technologies.