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  • AI Surveillance | GPU, enable the Digital Surveillance be AI Surveillance

    Modern day surveillance accompanies an exponentially growing recording images and videos. Effectively manage, evaluate and analyze to these large surveillance data, to tract and active warning of security emergency can create a smarter, safer and convenient city.

  • Aetina Embedded Jetson GPGPU Solutions Bring Intelligence to Edge Devices

    Unlimited Nvidia Jetson's deep learning and real-time computing power,
    Aetina presents ready-for-use "Smart Factory" and "Smart City" solutions for your edge devices.

  • Aetina's Tiny ACE-N510 Carrier Just Match With Jetson TX2

    ACE-N510 is the Aetina’s smallest carrier board to mesh with Nvidia Jetson TX2 or TX1 SoM for compute-intensive Embedded AI applications in small form factors. Its ultra-small footprint enables developers easily to bring Jetson’s AI power into any intelligent edge devices.

  • Defense Case Study-Improving Detection Time for Threat Prevention with a 3D Radar System

    High performance embedded computing is essential to an increasing array of military systems. Ultra-powerful GPGPU capability and low energy budget, GPU cards are well suited to the real time signal processing challenges of today's defense and aerospace systems.