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  • The World Leading AI Inference Efficiency for Autonomous Machines

    Based on the requests from different industrials, Aetina provides diversified GPGPU solutions. Among the solutions, edge AI computing platform and embedded MXM modules possess the advantages of high performance, high energy-efficient and high stability.

  • Highly Flexible Lighting Infrastructure - Smart Frontier Solar Lighting Robotic

    Due to the vastness of the land in America and Eurasia, it’s difficult to manage the border. In the same time, it costs a lot to build and maintain the lighting system in the area that is lack regular access to electricity.

  • Light Up the Stadium - Smart Swarm Signage System

    Aetina provides embedded edge AI computing platform and combines it with Millitronic’s 5G WiGig edge solution, which is enabled to do the real-time autonomously localizing, adjusting and streaming as long as developers put it into drones or robotics with a display monitor. As the result, our solution fulfills a movable way with surrounding view to expose information.

  • Foundation of the Marden City – Smart Railway Traffic

    Aetina is dedicated to high performance GPGPU and Jetson AI edge computing solutions, especially for smart urban rail transit applications. With GPU-enhanced computing, embedded systems can experience acceleration on orders of magnitude for signal processing, image manipulation, and more.

  • The Innovation of Edge AI Computing Platform for Intelligent Logistics

    Personnel and Management expenses play a big part in logistics industry, and warehouse automated can be the best way to reduce those costs. Aetina integrates our edge AI computing platform with long distance FPDLink-III module and the administrator with Innodisk iCAP™.

  • Quick Set Up Embedded AI System Accelerating Intelligent Traffic Management

    Aetina collaborates eco-partner Yuan integrate Aetina Embedded Edge AI Computing Platform with YUAN's video capture solutions and deep learning SDK, which reducing the loading of video decoding that let GPU focus on AI computing and providing quick embedded AI system setting for smart traffic applications.

  • Release The Intelligence In the Edge, AI And 5G Lead to Industry 4.0

    Combined with Aetina Jetson edge AI computing platform and Millitronic’s 5G solution, this particular AI solution system realized real-time inference and high-speed data transmission for the fully automated factory.

  • Bring Intelligent Access Control System into Every Corporation

    Since Smart city or Smart life is getting more and more popular, lots of corporations have started to search the solution to make their company “smarter”. This time Aetina and our eco-partner TCIT present the smart facial recognition solution for high security access control system.