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  • Meet the VID Solution at Embedded World 2019

    Three Live Demo Vertical AI Solution of 2D and 3D Recognition with Aetina Jetson Edge AI Computing Platform

  • Multifunction Carrier Board AX710 for Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier

    Aetina provides Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier carrier board AX710, which fully supports not only 10G LAN card (by extension connector) and 4K camera but also M.2 device and USB type C interface.

  • Edge AI Computing Lead Textile Industrial to Industry 4.0

    Due to the cost of personnel expenses is considerable, and manual inspection rate is too slow to match the processing time of the modern weaving machine, Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI) has developed an Automated AI Textile Inspection Solution, based on Aetina Jetson Edge AI Computing Platform and the big data that TTRI has collected for years.

  • The Solution of 3D AI Liveness Facial Recognition

    Based on high performance Aetina Jetson Edge AI Computing Platform and LIPS adaptive AI deep learning algorithm, this 3D Facial Recognition solution limits the recognition time down to less than 0.3 seconds per person by high performance edge computing ability.

  • Fog Computing Has Created a New Interaction Between Clients and Environment

    Since the technology of edge computing has became more and more mature, many AIoT applications have started testing in public places. ITRI released one of their applications, which is combined with 5G WiFi Fog Computing and Augmented Reality, and began the live demo at several station in Taipei.