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With the coming era of artificial intelligence and the birth of the smart city, our imagination of high-tech life is becoming true and happening in reality. Due to the development of technology, the purchase channels and payment methods of the retail industry are diversified. The only constant is to be continuing to create the solutions of trades promotion in the retail industry.

Smart retail is occurring under the smart era, and digitalizing brick-and-mortar store is the main purpose of smart retail. No matter is a traditional store transfer to an unmanned store, smart guiding and live-EDM in a store, or intelligent body measurement and recommendation, are all born for this digital era. Moreover, these high-techs need information detection and identification instantly, in the meanwhile receive and process the vast amount of data to create a convenient retail field.

To accelerate the industry of retail intellectualize, Aetina provides Jetson GPGPU solutions, such as supercomputing platforms of Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier, TX2i, TX2, and TX1 in the small form factor. It is a powerful embedded AI platform and features in high performance and low consumption. With a strong GPU computing, Jetson series can offer unmatched deep learning processing. Also, Aetina provides embedded standardized platforms, easily deploy in a store or shopping mall, offering a reliable, stable, and complete combination of both hardware-software and solutions of deep learning.

GPU Computing Accelerates Detection and Analysis

The interaction between people are important in retail industry, Jetson GPGPU solutions provide hundreds of GPU cores to their parallel computing, with the advantage of images processing, can efficiency make detection of front data, in the meanwhile to analyze them to information. Also, GPU computing can lower the latency, effectively promote the actual interaction between system and human, leading a real-man interactive experience.

Edge Computing Makes a Reliable Retail Store Management

Aetina integrates algorithm and deep learning models to Nvidia Jetson series, create a perfect deployment for edge computing. As an important role of intellectualizing development, edge computing/fog computing help us to reach smart lifestyle with a rapid reaction and capacity of data processing. With edge computing/fog computing, the retailer can construct their local area network beside the store. Even in the network-constrained environment, Jetson platform can still work smoothly. Moreover, edge computing provides the retailer a customization module; the stores developed their smart features. In the meanwhile, it will collect a huge amount of data on premise, provides an excellent analysis of management for the retailer, brings reliable customer service and a long-term retail operation.

Your Most Reliable Smart Retail Partner

  • After years of experience and partnership of software/hardware integration, Aetina helps the customers to reduce the consumption of product development.
  • Flexible and various I/O application makes easy use in the retail industry.

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