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Smart Surveillance

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Modern day surveillance come along with IoT, digitalization, constant advancement in camera resolution and the back-end technologies, means an increasing number of high definition surveillance images and video recording. Effectively manage, evaluate and analyze to these large surveillance data, to track and active warning of security emergency, has become the core essential development of the digital video surveillance.

The techniques of deep learning and artificial intelligence are changing the way we capture, inspect and analyze the recording data. That initiate powerful intelligent video analytics to enable real-time insights to drive safer and smarter cities.

Aetina’s Embedded Jetson GPGPU solutions are the high energy-efficient embedded platforms, characterizing the supercomputing platforms of Nvidia Jetson TX2, TX1 and TK1 in small form factors. Unlock the hundreds of CUDA cores of Tegra SoC to power unmatched deep learning processing. They are in embedded standardized platforms, easily for deploying, offering reliable, robust and well-integrated solutions for Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) from front-end to middle compliance to back-end servers, no matter for aerial, roadways, commercial buildings or public areas.

Extensive Video Decoding Capabilities

While today’s cameras are updating with the development of digital, network, high definition video format and technologies such as Power over Ethernet (PoE), the image compression efficiency and processing technology are required continuous improving. Our Embedded Jetson GPGPU solutions support high GPGPU parallel computation performance for image decoding and compression efficiently. The powerful Jetson TX2 and TX1 platforms also support the latest streaming formats such like MPEG and HEVC, providing not only brilliant image quality, but also reducing the amount of image data transmission, saving back-end system storage space.

Real-time and Powerful Image Processing by CUDA

Before the captured image be analyzed, our Embedded Jetson GPGPU solutions also give superior and fast imaging processing based-on the integrated GPU with using of Nvidia CUDA. Apply the images with improving and conversion process to provide the back-end systems best quality images for analysis.

GPU-powered Deep Learning Makes Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) Smarter

Thanks to the GPU-powered deep learning, it provides today’s digital video surveillance systems “learn” from trained “model” for fast and accurate inference. Aetina’s Embedded Tegra GPGPU solutions are the best platforms for deep learning at the edge. It offers better, powerful and scalable method for real-time detection, recognition, analyze and tracking, enabling valuable information and security alert extracted out at speedy, accuracy, and intelligent way from gigantic number of data.

Your Reliable and Longevity Embedded Partner

Low-power and high performance “Smart” embedded platforms are in growing demands. We support customer-centric and complete services that combine hardware and software to meet ever-increasing integration demands for the diverse embedded applications. Based-on our standardized and customized hardware platforms, we help to consolidate and integrate certified extension modules with driver-ready software and offer an optimized and reliable developing environment.

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