NVIDIA Embedded Platform
NVIDIA Embedded Platform

NVIDIA Embedded Platform

Nvidia already successfully built the gold standard for AI at the edge with release of its Jetson AGX Xavier/TX2i/TX2/TX1 modules. The newest Jetson AGX Xavier is the most leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) computing platform with high-performance, low-power consumption for deep learning, computer vision and compute-intensive applications in embedded fields.
AGX Xavier keeps the advantage of small form factor. In the same time, it increases more than 20X the performance and 10X the energy efficiency of its predecessor, Jetson TX2. Wide temperature -25°C to 80°C and ECC memory support is also the standard function. The Jetson AGX Xavier's unprecedented processing power, incredible energy efficiency, which is under 30W, and easily embeddable form factor(105mm x 105mm) are revolutionizing the AIoT application.
Aetina offers platforms that combine Jetson with our well-fatured reference carrier boards, or with carriers purpose-built for customers' individual needs. They are all supported by full SDK, including latest APIs, tool kits and libraries. We know different embedded applications have different OS requirements. So, Aetina provides iNAVI Customized Operating System, the custom operating system built based on Linux kernel to sustain the individuality, reliability and security of the applications.
We also provide Extension I/O Access (EIOA) Service, by preloading the relative API and driver of multiple embedded peripheral I/O modules, from industrial-leading brand, Innodisk®, assisting developers flexibly to expand the systems, meanwhile help to start their deployment easier and faster.

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