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Automated Vision Inspection

Automated Vision Inspection

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Since the speed and precision of industrial processes are getting higher and higher, Automated Vision Inspection that using machine vision as the standard technology has replaced the traditional way of manual detection. Furthermore, developers enhanced the precision, speed of switching inspected-products and automatic defect classification of Automated Vision Inspection with artificial intelligence technology, which making the applicability deeper and wider.

In response to the demands for Automated Vision Inspection, Aetina built an industrial-grade embedded edge AI computing platform with the advantages of small-form-factor and low power consumption. In addition, the computing platform has various I/O interfaces and peripheral expansion slots onboard, supporting multiple I/O peripheral modules (such as HDMI, USB, CANbus, PoE, and RS-232, etc.), providing developers with high flexibility. The building option makes it easy to import the platform into the original production line or application field. As the result, it fulfills the aim to reduce the time and manual cost of integrating the edge computing platform with the factory.

Aetina cooperated with AIoT ecosystem partners integrating the Video-Image-Detection (VID) module with Aetina embedded edge AI computing platform, which support a variety of output interface extension camera modules. And the platform is able to connect with up to 6x FHD or 3x 4K camera module at the same time. Developers can choose the number and resolution of the video-image-detection (VID) module according to the needs of the production line, so that Automated Vision Inspection can maximize the efficacy and accelerate the operation of the producing process.

Key Features

flexible deployment mutiple camera integration & customization
Flexible Deployment Mutiple VID Module Integration & Customization

Build the Solution

Aetina Jetson Edge AI Computing Platform

Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier
Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier Module • GPU : 512 Volta Cores & 64 Tensor Cores
• CPU : 8-core ARM v8.2 64-bit CPU, 8MB L2 + 4MB L3
• Memory : 16 GB 256-bit LPDDR4
• Camera : 16 lanes MIPI CSI-2
▼ Aetina Jetson Carrier Board for AGX Xavier ▼
AGX Xavier Carrier board AX710 Supported up to 6x FHD or 4x 4K camera modules
• Power Type : 9V~20V DC
• Dimensions : 112 x 107 mm
• Operating Temperature : -40°C ~ +85°C

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Nvidia Jetson TX2
Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier Module • GPU : 256 Pascal Cores
• CPU : 6-core Denver and A57
• Memory : 8GB 128-bit LPDDR4
• Camera : 12 lanes MIPI CSI-2
▼ Aetina Jetson Carrier Board for TX2 ▼
IP camera Supported up to 6x FHD or 3x 4K driver-ready camera modules
• Power Type : 9V~19.6V /5A DC
• Dimensions : 87 x 70 mm
• Operating Temperature : -40°C ~ +85°C

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IP camera Aim for low-power envelope AI applications in ultra-small form factor
• Power Type : 12V DC
• Dimensions : 87 x 50 mm
• Operating Temperature : -20°C ~ +70°C

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IP camera Support driver-ready extension peripheral I/O modules
• Power Type : 12~19V DC
• Dimensions : 120 x 120 mm
• Operating Temperature : -20°C ~ +70°C

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Hardware Peripherals
IP camera
VID(Video-Image-Detection) Module ▼
2D Camera Module
Interface Resolution Vendor
  4K Appro.Pho
Industrial Camera Ultra-HD -
IP Camera - -
IP camera Monitor or Panel PC
Software & Algorithm
TCIT Facelock
Algorithm ▼
Automated Optical Inspection
S/W Solution Vendor  
Automated Textile Inspection TTRI -
monitor Edge Database


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